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Hi all! I decided to start writing about my...

Hi all! I decided to start writing about my journey with Dr Ganchi now because not many people have done so for the entire length of the experience, as others have with other surgeons. I will post pics along the way to help anyone! Really thorough reviews & images are essential on this site to choosing the best doctor, and I think Dr G is it!

I have my breast augmentation surgery in just over one month!!! I AM SO EXCITED!!! My friend had her surgery done with Dr G in the Fall and her results are spectacular! I decided a few years ago I needed the surgery because 80+ lb weight loss left me with a lack of fullness (among other issues).

When I was in college I went to a different surgeon and underwent a tummy tuck and a year later, a breast lift. The lift didn't cure my problem 100%... there was still the lack of fullness. I've consulted a handful of surgeons for an augmentation over the years, but never felt totally comfortable. Dr G and his staff REALLY eased my nerves during the initial consultation and made me realize I'm ready now!!

I'm SUPER excited!! Although I am nervous about what can go wrong.... my tummy tuck left me with an awful, raise scar and virtually no belly button (scarred over), and my breast lift left me with puckering and scar tissue near my nipple. :( .... so while I am still very happy with those results, I can only imagine what might happen with this. Hopefully nothing though... my friend had NO issues!! And Dr G actually told me he can fix my puckering/scar issue during surgery, so I'm thinking only positive thoughts.

I have my pre-op in a few weeks, and will update then!! :)

pre-op image

Wanted to add my pre-op image... I'm not flat, but I think the augmentation will make me more full and balance out my hips... plus make my waist look teeny tiny!

pre-op appointment... and added lipo!!

I had my pre-op today! Paid in full... ahhh this is really happening!!!! I can't even deal... February is going to be the LONGEST month ever since I'm anticipating this so much!!

During my pre-op, I settled upon a size (I think I'm going with something like 392 cc's or something in that area)... Dr G took a ton of pictures and really settled my nerves. He provides a packet that breaks down the Do's & Don't's of prepping and caring for surgery, and also explains the feelings you go through post-op and how to work through them. It is super helpful! My previous surgeon didn't provide anything like that!

I also began asking about liposuction of my back which is something I've been wanting. If I'm going to be under anesthesia, I might as well see if there's anything else that can be fixed, right?! I think I'm going to do it!! I have to check tomorrow to see if there is room in the schedule to fit this in.

It's a go!!!!

Just under two weeks until my surgery and I am good to go for the augmentation AND lipo!! I added pre-op pics here... same bikini top as in the image above. All my prescriptions have been filled and my suitcase is packed!!

The thing that sucks is I am moving TWO DAYS before surgery! LOL! I have two days to unpack and get my couch prepped for where I will sleep following the surgery. Whatever is unpacked will have to stay put for a month or two lol


I'm sooo anxious and excited and nervous! Tomorrow is the big day! We finally moved so I need to set up my area where I will be resting for the few days after to recover.. The move has been messing everything up but I'm trying not to stress. I'll have all my meds, water, ginger ale, crackers, magazines, laptop all lined up within easy access. Woot woot!!! Can't wait!! This time tomorrow I will be on my recovery to my new and improved body! :)

Day 1

So I am home resting conforably! I was so nervous all morning until I spoke with dr g, his wife leyla, and the anesthesiologist. The put me at ease! I sort if felt like I was getting ready for a spa day! Lol

Dr g marked up my body and pretty soon the amazing anesthesiologist came in - I think Dr Lee? He was funny and kept telling me he just wanted me to feel good.

I walked into the surgery room without my glasses and Dr Lee went to work. I HATE feeling weird but after he put the IV in me I was out in maybe 3 minutes. My mom gave me the tip of running my zumba routine in my head as i fall asleep but i only made it through the first step! Thank goodness bc I thought I'd be awake while I was fading and I'd freak out.

Then all of a sudden I was awake in recovery! I incoherently texted my loved ones to let them know I was awake... Lol.

So far my pain is 3-4 as long as no pressure is on my chest. I had to flush the toilet w my foot and even that hurt!

I'm in a shorts body garment from the lipo which took a few trips to the bathroom to get used to! Lol but I think I got the hang of it. A pee funnel would be SO be so nice!

I've been getting up every 15-30 mins to walk. I've been living on water and saltines and will try soup tomorrow. The only bad things about the crackers is they make me cough and it hurts! Lol

My post op is tomorrow so I will let you know what dr g says and outline my pain as wel!

So far.. So amazing!!!


Sorry about typos... Writing from my phone!

Night 1/first full day and post op

Ok, so last night sucked lol... A few hours after I got home, dr G's wife leyla called to check up on me. She encouraged me to get plenty I rest and take the perc to help recovery. I had been pretty vocal about not taking the perc bc I have feeling high, so I took half as I went to bed along with my other meds (you immediately start taking the steroid and antibiotic).

Well the perc helped for a second. I started to feel weird but told myself not to fight it, to just go with it and go to sleep. I woke up with a jolt an hour later. It was painful and i felt like I was gasping for breath. That happened several times throughout the night.

At 2am I became nervous because my arms and fingers were swollen. I called the dr to see if that is normal, and they assured me at first it is. I had a 8;30am post op so by then it should be better, if not, then dr g would look at it.

I didn't take any more pain meds even though I needed it. I figured the other half of the pill wouldn't help and a full pill would knock me out and I'd sleep through my early appointment. I didn't want to take Extra Strength Tylonol bc I was nervous about mixing drugs. So I changed my sleeping position so I could be even more upright. You need to sleep in an incline position by I think I was too low and it caused too much pressure on my chest. I think that's why it was hard to breathe.

So I suffered through the night and made it to my post op. It was getting out of the car that I noticed all of my lipo pain in my back. Holy Lord! So sore!! I'm sore in the front, sore in the back.. Agh!

My post op appointment went well.. Short and sweet. I received my bra strap to help push down my boobs. I wear it over the lipo garment.

Pain is like a 6-7 now. They said this would be the worst day. I took a nap when I came home and feel a little better... But getting in and out of bed couldn't be more painful. You need to not use your chest or arm muscles but omg it's like those are the ONLY muscles you use! I need to be more careful not only for the pain but to ensure a good healing process.

Dr G's wife leyla even drove me home from my post op! She is the sweetest, as is all of the staff! Dr g, leyla, Karen, Carley and the other pretty girls... I love them!!

Again.. Sorry for any typos. If

Wish I could fast forward 2 months!

Today sort of sucks. I got my period and took my laxitive. My body is going through a lot right now! Lol

Agh! People.. Do NOT underestimate the pain and discomfort you'll experience post BA. Mine is compounded with the lipo pain which is pretty bad, so not sure how bad it would be if I opted only for the BA.

The pain has mostly subsided from my breasts but the tight feeling is so real. Sometimes suffocating. BUT everyday it has been getting better and better and my friend who got her BA with Dr G has assured me that everything is going perfectly. In 2-3 months all this discomfort will be worth it and I will barely remember it!

Today I finally got to take my compression garment and bra strap off to take a shower and clean them. Ugh the shower was so awkward and I'm sure I still have soap still all over my body. Getting the garment back on later is going to be hell! Lol ... However I realized Iike having it on. I think it's like a security blanket now. I feel too loose with it on. I came to like the right wrapped feeling.

So right now I would say i physically feel ok but mentally I'm in the "do I regret it??" phase. I'm sure it will pass with each day! I just can't rush recovery. One day at a time!


1 week post

So I'm finally at just about 1 week post and I'm thrilled! I look forward to Wednesdays now because I know that's another week closer to being fully healed!

Pain in chest is all gone and tightness and heaviness is beginning to subside! Pain in my back is gone when I'm standing but is still about an 8 when getting up or down. A good portion of the brusing is starting to yellow and the slight pinching and itchiness has started to set in signaling the healing process. I can wait for feeling in my back to return! I'm still super swollen so no good updates there (swollen in garment images enclosed). I think I breasts are doing great. I see Dr G on thurs for my 1week checkup.

A milestone moment happened today! After showering, I got into my garment all by myself! The other day I was crying and my mom was trying to help... But today I (very slowly) did it without putting too much pressure on my chest. Showering was still awkward... Out of the garment my boobs feel like they weigh 50 pounds each!

Today I'm going to drive for the first time and I return back to work tomorrow... So thank goodness for the light at the end of the tunnel!!

Coming along nicely

I had my 1 week post op with Dr G on Thursday and he said everything is coming along like clockwork! Everything still really itchy lol and still swollen... But this is what life will be for the next few weeks! ;)

2 week post op!

God bless Wednesdays! Lol... Another week closer to beig all healed! 2 week post op pics enclosed w the baithing suit from my pre op pics. Beginning to drop! I've developed a rash from the compression garment :(

3 week post op

So good news! The itching has majorly subsided and my rash has gone away!! Woot woot! The swelling in my back has gone down a lot except for the flanks - that's still swollen/hard/numb. But my lower back is looking good!

My breasts have dropped a nice amount! I'd like them to settle in more. I'm wondering if they sort of look weird bc of my previous breast lift? Or maybe they just need more time.

At 3 weeks I'm still wearing my compression garment for lipo and bra strap so they can drop more. I'm also still being cautious and sleeping on an incline even though I am sooooo over it lol. I'm also being majorly careful not to use my arms/chest too much. Last week I tried to get myself on a stool and it hurt!! I thought I did damage but thank God I didn't. So I'm being super careful for the next couple weeks until 4/7 which is my next doc visit. Hopefully then I get the all clear to be normal! No garment, no incline, and back to the gym! I hope I hope!

3 week post op pics attached!

One Month!!!

It's been a crazy week for me - but I wanted to celebrate the one month anniversary of my boobies!!! :) Time both crawled by and flew haha

My implants have dropped so much, I'm really happy about them! They also feel less heavy when I'm in the shower (still the only time I take my compression garment off). I'm still wearing my strap just bc i want the all-clear from Dr G before I take it off for good.

As for my lipo, my results are coming along day by day and I'm really happy. Still a long way to go though. Still pain and numbness in my flanks - I can't wait for that to be back to normal!! I'll try to take good pics soon, so far nothing has come out so great.

What a month! The first 2 weeks are the worst, just keep your head high and know that once you get past that hurdle it'll be smooth sailing!

5 weeks!!

Hi all -- I'm 5 weeks post op now! I'm wearing my bra strap a little less because the implants seem like they've fully fallen into place. I'm still 24/7 with the compression garment though. My back is the same ol story - flanks still hurt and are right and painful, but slightly less so each week.

I bought new bikini tops the other day!!! I'm hoping at my Monday appt w Dr G that he tells me to kiss the strap and garment goodbye and to get back in the gym! So this weekend I'm going to look for some zip front sports bras at Walmart - I saw some on their website. And I'll look for cute soft Demi bras from VS :D

Progress pics enclosed!!

6 weeks and on to phase 2!

I am officially in phase 2 of the healing process!

I met with dr g on Monday and he told me that I no longer had to wear the bra strap, could only wear the compression garment at night, and can get back in the gym! Not wearing the compression suit meant I finally had to buy bras. I haven't gotten a fitting, so I bought cheap ones at Walmart and figured I was a D. Dr g told me to look for underwire for support, but most of those kinds of bras have a lot of padding which I don't need anymore! :)

I'm excited to get back in the gym and burn off this weight I put on since surgery. If it wasn't for the compression suit, I would have gone back sooner. I'm starting slow with light cardio and lower body exercises. I'll build up for another month and then get back into going hard and enjoying my Zumba class again!

I'm concerned with sleeping position. I got so used to sleeping in an incline position, that sleeping on my back feels weird. I'm afraid my implants will separate. Sleeping on my side feels awkward. So I think it will be a few more weeks before get a good nights sleep lol

I'm just so happy to be at this milestone and enjoy the next phase of healing!! :)


oops picture didn't attach

Happy 2month anniversary to meeeee

My new body is officially 2 months old! :) I could be happier!!!! My breasts are like mine now - a little achy when I wake up in the morning, but aside from that, no problems! My back is STILL achy 24/7 where I got the lipo. But swelling is mostly gone. When I have a hard workout I sleep in my pre-op compression suit or wear my faja to bed to make sure I do t swell up.

For anyone considering surgery... Go for it!!! It will change your life!! For anyone considering Dr Ganchi for their surgery, I wouldn't trust myself in any other hands!! :)

happy birthday to the new me!

It has been one year since my surgery. I'm still so happy every day! Would recommend again and again. Thank you Dr Ganchi for the new me!
Wayne Plastic Surgeon

I cannot say enough great things about Dr Ganchi & his staff. The best compliment I could give is to encourage friends, families, & Real Self members to trust their bodies to Dr G! I would continue to use him for any and all needs in the future! He is kind, patient, and most of all - insanely talented! The staff of girls in his office, including his wife Leyla, are all great too. The office itself is gorgeous, to boot. Schedule a consultation with Dr G! You will NOT regret it!

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