18 Mos Post Ultherapy Going for 2nd Treatment - Wayne, NJ

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*Treatment results may vary

This is my opinion on my results then read the...

This is my opinion on my results then read the rest of my post for a little history and detail. I had it done 18 mos ago when I turned 57 yrs old -sorry no photos - II deleted after 6 mos bc I had to take computer jn for service.

Very minimal noticeable results However Very IMPORTANT observation : The most positive effect is that it stops further aging in the area treated. You DO need occasional maintenance ( every 1 to 1-1/2 years). So, although my lower jawline and neck do not look as if the clock rolled back 10 years - the treatment halted any further aging in the treated area (lower face &,jawline - he won't do neck bc of thyroid)

I am scheduled for 2nd Ultherapy this week. Cost per treatment is $2k and my MD is an ENT who us also board certified in plastic surgery ( rhinoplasty). John Cece MD in Wayne NJ. His office manager also had it done and she will share her opinion too

My initial treatment didn't hurt much until final 1/2 hr - it was very painful. I drove myself so I didn't take anything. Next week I'm taking 1/2 Percocet that I have on hand bc I cannot get a ride and have to drive 1/2 hr home I remember there was redness that day and my face was very swollen next day esp around lower eyes. I didn't sleep elevated which I should have done. Use ice packs and take ibuprofen for swelling if you want else if you aren't going anywhere just sans the medication and apply ice packs. I also used Arnica cream and Aloe Vera alternating throughout day - who knows whether either helped. I think the healing has to go through its phase

So it IS worth it but don't be unrealistic. Face lift is the only way to eliminate the effects of aging. This treatment is subtle , not very visibly effective. But it does have positive outcome I see others my age and most have sagging , wrinkled and/ or pouches beneath jaw. Mine is still defined. I have mild jawline sagging but Same as someone 8 years younger than me has ! Get it done at the first sign of loss if elasticity.

Ill update after my second treatment and lost some lower jaw photos

2nd treatment. After 18 mos

Had 2nd treatment a few weeks ago. Hurt like hell the last 20 minutes
Lower face sore for 2 weeks. Minimal swelling for 2 days so have it done on a Friday. Yes. I notice a tightening below jaw. Worth it ? Yes
It won't help you if you have hanging skin or waddle under chin. You need to do this when you notice elasticity laxity Do it every 18-24 months for maintenance. Better than surgery !!!
John Cece MD

Great honest doctor. Not a salesman who tries to rope you into all these procedures.

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