Wavefront Lasik Was Great

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It was only 3 months ago when it happened --I was...

It was only 3 months ago when it happened --I was driving home after work in the pounding rain in the dark of night. On top of this, I had forgotten my prescription glasses at the office. My guardrail collision was all I needed to get me won over on the idea of Lasik surgery.

I began by investigating my Lasik options. One girlfriend had gone to Vancouver, Canada to save some bucks on Lasik. She was pretty happy with the results, but she felt like a number. No patient-to-doctor rapport. Very little upfront discussions. It was a Lasik factory.

That didn't appeal to me since I wanted to make sure I was the right candidate for Lasik given my astigmatism. Fortunately I ran into a laser eye surgeon who offered a new version of Lasik called Wavefront Lasik. This eye procedure wasn't too different from Lasik, just the pre-op examination involves a 3-D mapping of the eye such that the doctor knows how to adjust for irregularities in eye shape.

The entire Wavefront Lasik procedure took no more than 30 minutes, which is actually longer than the average (10-15 minutes). I credit my doctor for answering my barrage of questions prior to undergoing the laser, though I probably cost him an additional patient that day.

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