Juvederm Enhanced my Wrinkle - Waukesha, WI

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I had a slight crease (wrinkle) on the right side...

I had a slight crease (wrinkle) on the right side of my mouth so I decided to go to the medspa in which I have received Botox in the past. I am 28, so whatever wrinkles I have they have (were) very fine. First, the nurse gave me Restalyne Silk-that DID NOT work. In fact, it left very HARD bumps on my face. The nurse agreed it did not look right at all. She dissolved it, then gave me juvederm as a replacement. Well, I waited 3 weeks post treatment to come in. I was seeing wrinkles there and it left me pretty disappointed. I went in, nurse took my after photo while I waited in another room. Several minutes pass by and I look at the screen showing the "results". It did look like results were present.HOWEVER I showed her photos that "I" took and pointed out the lines I was concerned about. She told me "oh those are just shadows. When she said that, and did not acknowledge that yes I still have a wrinkle, but now maybe 3 wrinkles on ONE side of my face, I felt completely defeated. I am not sure what else to do. Did I go to a bad injector that claims to have over a decade of experience? Is something like fat injections my last option? Dont know but this experience has left me pretty unhappy. I tried telling myself I am crazy and that I am exaggerating, maybe it is just odd lighting, but no. All of my photos I take with my different cameras show these wrinkles. Very disheartening.
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