30 Year Old-Always Wanted to Fix the Gap in my Teeth. Waterbury, CT

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I have always been self concious about the gap in...

I have always been self concious about the gap in my 2 top front teeth. I have always wanted to get this fixed but i didnt have dental insurance so i couldnt go to the dentist without it costing a lot of money. After i got married 2 years ago i went on my husbands insurance that had dental coverage. i was hesitant at first to go to the dentist since i havent been since i was alot younger. I finally told myself i needed to go and made an appointment about 2 months ago. i talked to the dentist about getting some type of clear braces and they recommended clear correct.
I just started tray 1 2 days ago. First day it was pretty painful to put the liners in and take them out. Especially in my front 2 teeth. They feel really sensitve when i take out the liners.
I am on day 3 right now and its getting a little less painful to put in and take out. Still have a really hard time taking out the top liner. Feels like im pulling my teeth out. Is this normal?
So far it hasnt been too bad. Have to change up my daily routine a little bit. But nothing major and im sure ill get used to my new routine.
My doctor said that it should take about 9 months with the clear correct to fix my teeth. Im excited to start seeing some change and for the end result!
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