Waste of Money and Painful!

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I've always had thin lips and while in for Fraxel...

I've always had thin lips and while in for Fraxel treatment, I was sold on the use of Juvederm to plump up my lips. The same numbing cream that was used for my face was also put on my lips. In the normal action of swallowing and moving my lips, some of the cream got into my mouth and I could feel the numbing cream acting on the interior of my mouth as well as my throat which was an uncomfortable feeling.

When the Fraxel (Restore) was finished, I was brought to another room and sat in a comfortable reclining leather chair and the Dr. began applying the Juvederm. The pain was worse than I had anticipated and I could not keep tears from escaping my eyes. The Dr. offered to anesthetize my lips but at the same time suggested it would be better not to, so I told him to keep going.

He stuck me perhaps 18 times, top and bottom lips and massaged the filler into place. The result was ok, but I will never do it again, due tot he extreme pain I experienced.

My lips also were heavily black and blue for 10 days post treatment and I was very self-conscious about that, as lipstick didn't cover it well. No one at the PS center had told me recovery would take so long or that the treatment would make my lips so ugly looking for so many days.

I suggest anyone considering this treatment think twice is you have a low pain threshold or bruise easily.

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He didn't think it was necessary to use an anesthetic, even after seeing the intense pain I was experiencing.

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