A Waste of my Money!

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I had Restylane done when we moved and they didn't...

I had Restylane done when we moved and they didn't do Artecoll.There was no anesthetic used and the serum burn and stung like crazy and tears came to my eyes and I was white-knuckled and had to do the deep breathing like in labor it hurt so bad!It bled alot too and dripped down my chin and there was alot of bruising. I liked that it cost less than the others and there was more per syringe(compared to Artecoll)so I needed less(half as much) and that the results were instant...but for me anyway it only lasted 2 weeks or so and then it all absorbed and my lips shrunk back down to the same size they were before,so this was a very expensive waste to only last so long, esp. when they said it should last 6-12 months!After that I went to Perlane which I get re-done every 3 mos. now.
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