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I am 23 and a mother of 2 wonderful little ones. I...

I am 23 and a mother of 2 wonderful little ones. I have been considering a BA since I was about 18, and realized I wasn't getting any bigger. Then I had my daughter and three years later my son. I breast fed my first for 3 months and my son for 2 weeks.(He was GREEDY and mad my nipples bleed each and every time, even with the help of a lactation specialist and nipple shield). Each time I breast fed my boobs which were originally a 34B/32C would balloon to a 34D. and then deflate to an A/B. UGH! I hated that part. One morning I wake up with Bay Watch cans and the next I have what I call upside down triangle boobs.. you can imagine what that might look like. Anyhow, I am SOOOOO happy I found this web site. I love reading all of your stories and being able to talk to doctors and ask them questions. I have a very supportive husband. He told me he didn't think that I needed boobs, but that he just wants me to be happy. :) We are a very active couple. He is a personal trainer and firemen. I love working out and being outdoors ( I also love to shop which can be a work out too.lol) Because of this I am contemplating getting sub glandular saline or silicone, if the doc thinks I have enough breast tissue. I don't want the implants to distort when I work out. If I don't have enough tissue, I will most likely go for saline unders. I have made three consultations with board certified plastic surgeons in my area. I want to compare what they have to say and personalities so that I can find the best match. I am very analytical or so my husband says, so I'm trying not to drive myself or the doctors crazy, but I can't help but look at it from every angle I can come up with. My first consultation is next Monday! I will let you guys know how it goes. I am hoping to find the right doc my the first week of May at the latest and have my new boobies here by no later then the first week of June!! But only if I am completely sure of the doctor. Other wise.. well the hunt will continue.

Oh about my stats:
23 yrs old
current size:32-34B/C depending
145lbs/ athletic build w/ a booty
my goal size is to be a nice D I think some where between the 400cc-475cc range. I know it may sound a bit large for someone athletic. but I like the look, and that's what good sports bras are for :)
Anyone close to my size feel free to comment and let me know what you ended up with and how you like it!


Yay!! I found my doctor :) I originally was going...

Yay!! I found my doctor :) I originally was going to see a Dr. in Seattle yesterday, but when the office for the Dr. in Kirkland called to say they had a cancelation I knew I would cancel the one in Seattle. I am so glad I did. From the minute I walked into the Dr.s office it was a pleasant experience. Dr.P took over an hour and a half to talk to me, measure me, and then let me try on seizers. I have scheduled my pre op, made a deposit, and surgery is scheduled for May 20th!!!!! I can't believe it! I could barely sleep last night. lol.
We decided on 550cc silicone sub glandular with breast crease incision.
I had no intention of going that big, but the Dr. has a neat approach and doesn't tell you what size cc you are trying on. He leaves you with the patient coordinator and you just try on sizes til you find the look you love. When the Dr. came back he said they were perfect. Then they told me they were 500 and 550cc's my eyes bugged. lol but it was what I wanted. He said I have an athletic build and we went with HP because the mod plus would be to wide fro my chest.
I am sooo excited. Pre op next Tuesday!
Ladies, if any of you have suggestions on how to pick out the right size sports bra for post op, and such let me know please!

Tomorrow is the pre-op appointment!! I'm so...

Tomorrow is the pre-op appointment!! I'm so excited to try the seizers on again! I am sooo excited!! My hubby will be there to meet the doctor and to see the size I picked. I am ready to get the list of things I will need after surgery so I can start shopping! lol. If any one wants to leave me the names of the bras that gave good support during recovery on my page I would love that! Also, how many of you had your doctor request you to stop taking your birth control for surgery? how did it affect your cycle after, and when could you get back on it? ok ill update you gals tomorrow!

So yesterday was the pre-op appointment :) boobies...

So yesterday was the pre-op appointment :) boobies fully paid for. Now time to go fill prescriptions and get my blood work done. Has any one here used GoodRx coupons?? I found them on line and they compare prescription prices for you and have some coupons..Might give them a try. And the cound down begins! 19 days til surgery :) and lots to do.Oh and we are deff going with the HP 550cc silicone. I was surprised my PS wasn't there for the appointment. My hubby was hoping to meet him since he wasn't able to make it to the consultation. It was the nurse who talked to us and went over all of the paper work.. any one else not meet with there PS at the pre op appt.?

So I picked up all of my meds today. all 7 of them...

So I picked up all of my meds today. all 7 of them. lol felt like a crazy person when the pharmacist lined them all on the counter. Even she said, "wow that's a lot of medication" I just smiled. I picked up a few fruit of the loom sports bras as well. I seriously had the worst time deciding on what sizes to buy. I also went to Walmart to buy some of the tube tops you ladies have all been talking about, and they were wiped out! I have another Walmart that is not too far from me so I will try that one in a day or two. Eeek! about 12.5 days to go ;)

Happy mothers day to all the wonderful mothers and...

Happy mothers day to all the wonderful mothers and mothers at heart!

I got my blood drawn Saturday, I just read on the paper work that the Dr. has the right to refuse surgery to those who do not get the blood work done and turned in with in two weeks prior to surgery... hopefully I am not to late since surgery is in 7 days. The labs should be back by Wednesday at the latest. Cross fingers that they get there a bit earlier than that and are all good results!!

Blood work is in to the Dr. this am. That was...

Blood work is in to the Dr. this am. That was quick! Was expecting more of a turn around time since I had my blood drawn on a Saturday. So now the only problem is that my Aunt who was supposed to help with the kids has not been approved for the time off request she put in for over a month ago... I have a few other ideas for back up but still waiting to hear back...
I made a hair cut/color appointment for Wednesday to help relax and take my mind off things. :) I also have made sure to get my car in for a oil change and schedule time for friends and family through out the week so that I don't have to explain why I haven't seen people in a while, since I only want to share with close friends and not so much my family. Getting super excited. I can not wait to try on swim suits!

Grocery shopping done, cleaning done, laundry done...

Grocery shopping done, cleaning done, laundry done. Have too much time to think about this. I am seriously freaking out that I should have gone with under the muscle. Ugh! I need some ladies with sub glandular implants to tell me it will be ok please! So depressing reading about all the ladies who went from overs to unders due to cc or bottoming out..I know my reasons for choosing overs, but would love to talk to someone who already has them. xo to all of you ladies who have already been so supportive and given me good advice about bras and such.

Last call from my RN & only 3 more sleeps!

So the nurse called this evening to go over any last questions I had. She also said if I didn't have a zip up front sports bra that I should get one for after surgery. I am a bit confused since the other nurse had told me that I would not want to buy any bras since I wouldn't know what size I would be until after surgery... hmm. oh well. I will get one this weekend.
The nurse also reminded me about showering with antibacterial soap the night before and the morning of. I am so ready for this to be done! She made me feel confident in my choice in my surgeon when she told me that my Dr. was the best at what he does and that she has personally had other BA's and that hers with this Dr. was the best experience/result. Good to know that my nurse trusts the Dr. she works for with her own body.

Another tip, she said that for the best healing to drink at least 2 litters of water the day before surgery, she said it will help me feel my best the day of surgery. Also to heal well she said EAT LOTS OF PROTEIN. She mentioned that after surgery when incisions aren't healing well that it tends to be because the patient is not consuming enough protein for their body to heal properly. She suggested to get protein shakes since you sometimes don't feel like eating meat after surgery.
So I will be heading to the store for some yogurt (prevent yeast infections while on high doses of antibiotics), protein drinks, and a zip front bra.
Ok ladies! time for some dinner :)

two more hours!

Two more hours and I will have boobs! I'm a tad nervous, but mostly excited. Can't sleep. I have to get up and shower soon, see u ladies on the other side!

all done

Home and resting now. So glad to be done!!


2 days post op

Today was my post op every thing looks good.started massage today. Showerd. I have a head ache that wont go away. Started taking tylenol only today. Left nip no feeling, riht has some dr was surprised i didn't have any in my left since i went with overs. I wasn't I thouht all the swelling would do tht. I'll post 9

first pic 2 days post op

550cc silicone over the muscle.
Did any of you ladies have headaches for the first few days? I have been drinking lots of fluids and I also stopped taking my oxy and hydrocodone. just taking Tylenol, but My head is still spinning.. any suggestions?

day three

So, I have been SUPER sick for the past two and a half days. It was the pain pills that were making me sick to my stomach. Didn't matter if I took them with food or not. I am not used to taking any form of pain medicine for extended periods of time. My symptoms were dizziness, light headedness, and in general feeling like I was hung over. YUCK. so as of 4am this morning I took my last dose of the hydrocodone, and have since been taking nothing but Tylenol every 4-6 hours. I already feel a ton better. But I can tell that I have a ways to go to get it all out of my system. I am so sensitive to drugs. I will give a play by play of the surgery day as soon as I feel better.


well I am sleeping a ton still. I am feeling better than I have been lately, but still super low on energy and I am beginning to wonder how long that will take. Any one have any idea???? My poor hubby is doing the best he can, but he is seriously starting to get a tad over whelmed with taking care of me and our 3 year old and 9 month old. I teased him a bit about how I do this every day. lol he didn't seem to think it was that funny.
Any how my left breast is fine but the nipple is still numb, my right breast is completely numb except for the nipple. PLEASE SOME ONE WITH SUBGLANDULAR IMPLANTS TELL ME THIS IS SOME WHAT NORMAL> I am sorta freaked out. I love my boobies sensations pre op. Would be so sad if I had a perm numb nip or boob..
Still massaging, and it is not fun, I am also still wearing the compression bra I was given and the strap..
Hope all my boobie friends are doing well. I will talk to you soon, need more sleep.

feeling better every day

today is one week PO and I am feeling better every day. for the first 3-4 days I was really starting to wonder what I had done. not that I didn't like the boobs but I just felt sooo sick. But now that I am feeling more normal I am soo excited about what I see :) especially when I get dressed and wear my old clothes. My hubby is ecstatic. he is always walking by and making the grabbing motion and asking if I need help with my boobie exercises.
I am still getting a bit tired half way through the day and the morning boob is no fun but I know that will pass. stiches will be out in two days. looking forward since they are starting to get itchy : /
Posting a new pic.

2 weeks PO

Hello ladies :) I am feeling much better and more like myself every day. I still have four weeks in the stupid compression surgical bra ( my Dr. says that it helps to helps them and to make sure they stay softer.) I can not wait to wear a regular bra. they are getting softer and softer every day. I am still supposed to wear the strap as well. but I am thinking about stopping that because I don't want them to get pushed down any more than they are.
I have started to go for long walks every day and ease into my chores at home. I have been able to lift my son up with out too many problems from his crib. I am super careful and don't hold him longer than needed.

What is the deal?? Need help measuring!!

Agh! Ladies I know almost all of of you struggled with boob greed, I am freaking out. I measured my boobs today and put it in a bra calculator and was so disappointed when it said 34c!!!! At best if I bumped it up a number I got a 34D. how in the world is that possible???!!!!!! I was a 34 b before and got 550cc hp implants. Shouldn't I be a good D if not DD? The three measurements I took in inches w a measuring tape were : under the bust-30, around the fullest part over nipple-36/37 and just above the breasts and around 36. Please some one tell me they just need to d&f or that I measured wrong!!

so glad I did this

I went in to Victoria's secret to get measured yesterday. I know I cant wear a regular bra for two and a half more weeks but I wanted to see where I might be. I am a 34DD or 36D!! SO excited :) it is exactly what I was hoping for. The girls are starting to bounce when I walk even in my surgical bra which is good because that means they are softening up!!!
I went shopping with two of my girlfriends and they have both said my boobs look huge, but that is what I wanted. I think they are perfect since I have hips and have had two babies. I wanted a womanly figure and that is exactly what Dr. P gave me.
I have my one month Post OP apt on the 19th . Excited to see what the Dr. says about how much more my boobs may change in size or if they have already d&f.
feel free to leave any comments or ask any questions ladies :)

21 days PO pic

Went Bra shopping!!

I am now almost 6 weeks post op. I had my check up this week and the nurse told me I can resume all normal activities and go shopping for regular bras!! I am a 32DD but since those are virtually non existent, I settled for a 34DD :) I love the way I feel and look!! My Dr. is amazing. I would recommend him to the Seattle/Tacoma ladies. My boobs are so soft and feel so natural! They look awesome in my sun dresses even with out a bra!
I have a little soreness on the bottom of my incision lines if close rub it the wrong way but other than that I feel back to normal again.
Ill post new pics soon.

tank top pic

Happy new year! 7 months PO>550cc silk overs

Hi ladies! I have been enjoying my new figure and busy with life. Sorry for any late responses. Both my hubby and I have started new jobs and have our hands full, but things are settling down. I can wait to post new pic later tonight :)

bikini pic


I chose my doctors for consultations based on research and some Real Self Reviews.

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