Just Finished my 4th Treatment, Paid for 5 - Washignton, DC

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I live in DC and found a provider of Velashape at...

I live in DC and found a provider of Velashape at a great cost (a package of 5 cost me $750 vs. the usual $300 per session). I had Velashape in the past (but only did 3 sessions) since it was a Groupon deal and I lived in Raleigh. I didn't see much of a difference the 1st 3 times, but now I am vigilent to find something that makes me look at least better than the status quo.

Thus, I bought the 5 treatment package from Radiance Spa in DC. A French woman gives me the treatment, and I just finished my 4th session yesterday. I honestly can say I don't see much difference, but then again I have A LOT of cellulite on my outer thighs. I am 5'6" 130 lbs and have excellent muscle tone in my arms, stomach and thighs BUT alas I have a lot of cellulite (probably from poor genes), and I do eat a very normal/balanced diet, but I do like my desserts every once and a while as well as red wine.

I am going for my 5th treatment next Thursday, and I may even be getting 1 more 5 session package as the woman told me I will most likely need between 8-10 sessions to see a real improvement.

I also bought Finulite, an AM/PM cellulite reduction cream that I use in conjunction with Velashape once/week and a twice daily massger (that uses metal balls). I am hoping my before/after pics give me noticable results, but will keep everyone posted once I finish my 10th session.

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I lost all the results I saw (which were minimal but still noticeable) - I think this works but not a magical wand and you have to have all 7-10 session done twice week and then once a month which proved to be way too costly for me.
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