Ulthera / Ultherapy - Very Painful But Seems to Work - Tough Choice! - Washington, D.C.

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I went into my dermatologist for Perlane...

I went into my dermatologist for Perlane injections, and she mentioned that Ulthera would be a beneficial, non-invasive complement to fillers. On a whim I decided to go ahead and do it. While the doctor and her assistant explained that many people take pain meds prior to the procedure, I am not a fan of narcotics, and I have a relatively high pain threshold, so I figured I could go without. The technician did a sample line, and based on that I figured I would be ok, even without medication.

It is possible to do Ulthera without any sedation or pain meds, but it's very, very painful. There were times I felt like my jaw was being burned with a hot iron. Afterward I had a lot of swelling and numbness which persisted for a week to ten days. I think the technician may have hit some nerves, and may have even damaged one as my smile was quite crooked for a few weeks after the procedure which was rather traumatic. For the first few weeks after the treatment my face was very painful, and often felt quite tight. Four weeks on the pain has diminished, and I think it's actually working. My face definitely looks more youthful, and my jawline is more defined. If only this result were achievable without pain or risk!

While the results are positive, I don't think I would do it again because of what seems like a high risk of nerve damage.

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