Two Treatments and Going - Washington, DC

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I am currently removing a medium sized tattoo on...

I am currently removing a medium sized tattoo on my upper middle back. The tattoo is only a few months old and is all black with solid outlines and medium shading. The doctor I go to used the revlite Nd:Yag Q Switch laser which is apparently the best out there espically for black. I receive a mild pain reliever as well as the numbing cream.

The procedure takes less than 2 minutes and that is with the doctor going over it twice, and I'm not going to lie it does hurt but its over quickly. After the doctor puts on the bandage and I'm on my way home. I ice it for the first few hours then take a shower cleaning it and then use A&D ointment for the next few days. I have a little bit of pinpoint bleeding but that's about it and I'm back in the gym within 72 hours so there is actually very little down time.

The first session I saw noticable amounts of ink gone mostly in the shading. I went 4 weeks later for my second session and that was about 5 days ago. There is more ink gone and its interesting to watch the tattoo fading. I would say I have achieved more than %50 fading in the shaded areas but outlining is a bit darker and more dense with ink.

I expect to have about 6 or so more treatments over the next few months spacing treatments 4 weeks apart as long as the healing process stays the same with each new treatment. I will contiune to keep up with progress reports.

If your thinking about tattoo removal and have the time and money just go for it otherwise you will keep hating that tattoo or get a cover up you will probably hate even more.

Any questions just ask

Any questions just ask

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