Smart Lipo - 52 Year Old, UPPER/LOWER ABS; FLANKS; HIPS and ARMS

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7/14/17 - Well, I finally decided to start a post...

7/14/17 - Well, I finally decided to start a post to chronicle my experience. I've read so many reviews on here because I want to get myself mentally prepared for my own procedure. I am having my upper and lower abs, flanks, and hips done. By no means do I feel grossly overweight or anything, but I workout 3 times a week (intense) and these areas just won't budge. I guess I'm just looking to see more of a hour glass shape and flat stomach. I've raised my two oldest children (36 and 32), and now I'm raising my 8 year old (yes, I started over). Even though I still have my 8 year old to raise, I feel it's my time to focus on things I want to do for myself. My husband doesn't feel I need any work done, but he's very understanding that I'm doing this for ME and not to impress him. Anyway, that's my background. I will post before pics this weekend.

7/15/17 Before Pics

This is how I look right now. Puffy upper stomach, saggy lower abs, and bat wing arms. I workout 3 times a week at an intense boot camp and these areas won't budge.

7-21-17 UPDATE - Upper/Lower Abs, flanks, hips and arms

One of my before arm pics didn't upload. I don't know why. Also, I left out in my initial post that I'm also having my arms done. It is now 13 days away from my procedure, and I'm seriously nervous. I such a low tolerance for pain. I get quizzy looking at the pics of everyone's reviews here on the site. But, I've been forcing myself to look at the pics, read everyone's experiences, to help me concur my fears.

I finally opened the antibiotics my doctor prescribed for me, and they smell horrible! They smell like rotten eggs.

So far I have the following supplies based on reading reviews:
1. Arnica Gel and pills
2. maxi pads for drainage
3. Bromelain pills
4. floor/bed pads
5. compression garment
6. Ab board
7. scheduled lymphatic massages
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