Smart Lipo - 52 Year Old, LOWER ABS; FLANKS; HIPS and ARMS

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7/14/17 - Well, I finally decided to start a post...

7/14/17 - Well, I finally decided to start a post to chronicle my experience. I've read so many reviews on here because I want to get myself mentally prepared for my own procedure. I am having my upper and lower abs, flanks, and hips done. By no means do I feel grossly overweight or anything, but I workout 3 times a week (intense) and these areas just won't budge. I guess I'm just looking to see more of a hour glass shape and flat stomach. I've raised my two oldest children (36 and 32), and now I'm raising my 8 year old (yes, I started over). Even though I still have my 8 year old to raise, I feel it's my time to focus on things I want to do for myself. My husband doesn't feel I need any work done, but he's very understanding that I'm doing this for ME and not to impress him. Anyway, that's my background. I will post before pics this weekend.

7/15/17 Before Pics

This is how I look right now. Puffy upper stomach, saggy lower abs, and bat wing arms. I workout 3 times a week at an intense boot camp and these areas won't budge.

7-21-17 UPDATE - Upper/Lower Abs, flanks, hips and arms

One of my before arm pics didn't upload. I don't know why. Also, I left out in my initial post that I'm also having my arms done. It is now 13 days away from my procedure, and I'm seriously nervous. I such a low tolerance for pain. I get quizzy looking at the pics of everyone's reviews here on the site. But, I've been forcing myself to look at the pics, read everyone's experiences, to help me concur my fears.

I finally opened the antibiotics my doctor prescribed for me, and they smell horrible! They smell like rotten eggs.

So far I have the following supplies based on reading reviews:
1. Arnica Gel and pills
2. maxi pads for drainage
3. Bromelain pills
4. floor/bed pads
5. compression garment
6. Ab board
7. scheduled lymphatic massages

7-28-17 I'm ready to get this over with!

Today is July 28, 2017 and my procedure is scheduled for August 3, 2017. I'm super scared because I really don't like pain, but at the same time, I've been staring in the mirror envisioning my results. I've convinced myself that the pain will be worth it. I will start taking the Arnica Montana 30X today. I read that some people start 5 days before, so I'm starting now.

My next post will be the day before August 2.

8-2-17 The Night Before

I never thought this day would get here. The night before my surgery. I'm excited and very nervous. So many things running through my mind. I spent the day making sure I had everything I need.

I'm ready to get this over with!

I will post before op pics tomorrow before I leave home. Just in case I don't get a chance to take them at the doctor office.

8-3-17 Today is the day!

Here are some pics from this morning. I'm ready to get this done. I'm very nervous, but excited as well. Hopefully I will be able to get pics at the doctor office.

8-4-17 1 day Post Op

Well, it's finally over! This by far was easier then I ever thought. From all the records I read, I was expecting major pain. Here is my account:

I went in at 9am, my appointment was at 9:30. I filled out paperwork, paid, and took a valium. I was then escorted to my room. Got undressed, put on the backless unsupportive bra and the doctor began to markup the areas I was having done.

First, I have to give praise to my doctor, for not taking my money. I initially was only getting my lower and, flanks, waist and arms done, but I called a week in advance to inquire about doing my upper and as well. I was told the doctor would take a look on the day of my op to assess whether I needed it. Well, it turns out my doctor was honest and let me know I didn't have enough fat and that he didn't feel I would see any difference if he did my upper abs. I truly appreciated his honesty.

After getting marked up, I lay on the bed and he starts to numb me up. I truly only felt a small prick like getting a needle. Then he started the laser and I felt nothing. Time for the auction. It was not painful, just a weird feeling and him scrapping and poking around. I had maybe two times were it hurt when he went to a part that wasn't numb. At that point, he would stop and add more numbing solution and it would be fine. It seemed like it took longer on my arms then anuthing else. He took out a l
Total of 1200 cc's of fat.

I haven't been in pain at all. Mainly because I had a girlfriend who had regular Lipo and advised me to take my pain meds on time, even if I had to wake up in the middle of the night. That's what I did, and I haven't had any pain.

My first and only episode was at home she I finally stood up to go to the bathroom. I was so nauseous. I mean really bad. It took me a minute while sitting on the toilet to gather myself enough to have my boyfriend bring me some crackers and water. The more I ate and drank, the better I started to feel. I was finally feeling better after about 5 minutes. I haven't had that happen again because I know now to keep something on my stomach she taking the pain med. At this point, I don't feel I need the pain meds anymore. I'll just take Tylenol 3.

I found this awesome place called PUR Beauty located in Springfield VA to do my lymphatic massages and I went there one day after my op. They are professionals at these massages for after Lipo procedures. It was the best message ever. No pain, and it felt like my body wasn't even sore anymore. I honestly can't tell I had this surgery yesterday, except for having to wear this faja, ab board, and pads.

I will take pics tomorrow once I take off the faja for the first time after having it put on by the massage place.

8-4-17 2 days Post Op

These are my 2-day post op pics. I dont really see a difference yet, but I know from all the other reviews that change will come in time. I have stopped taking the pain meds. No pain, just a few tender spots. Nothing major.

8-4-17 2-day post op

Another pic.

8-4-17 2-day Post Op

Another pic

8/8/17 Doctor Review

I don't know why the system won't let me do a review on my doctor, but I wanted to let everyone know who he is and how I feel about his work.

My doctor is: Dr. Drew Varano, Medical Cosmetic Enhancements, in Washington, DC

Dr. Varano was very patient with my questions during my initial consultation. He explained everything in detail and he even showed me pictures of women my size who had the same work done as me, so that I could get an idea of what to expect. As I said before, after I decided to add in my upper abs, doctor Varano looked me over on the day of my procedure and let me know that he didn't think I had enough fat in my upper abs to show any difference, and that he didn't want to charge me for something that wouldn't be a noticeable difference. I really appreciated his honesty.

As for the procedure, Dr. Varano explained everything he was doing before he did it. I only felt a few pricks here and there during the numbing process. During the laser process, I didn't feel anything. When he got to the suction part, I only felt it a couple of times when he went to close to an area that wasn't numb, and each time he would stop and numb that area.

After the procedure, the assistant put me on a size large compression garmet, but Dr. Varano didn't feel it was tight enough, so he had me try on a size medium. He said he wanted it to be as tight as possible without being uncomfortable. He was spot on with the sizing.

Overall, I'm very satisfied my Dr. Varano and the procedure. As for my results, it's too early to tell. I will post one week progress pics after my appointment on Thursday, August 10, 2017.

8-8-17 Lymphatic Massage

If you are in the DC, MD, VA area, and you need a place for lymphatic massages, then definitely checkout PUR Beauty located in Springfield, VA. It is amazing! They are professionals at aftercare for people who have had lipo of any kind. You can also checkout their Instagram page at "purebeautycenter". They post pics and videos, as well as discount pages.

8-10-17 Week 1 Post Op Checkup

Today was my 1 week checkup with my doctor. He said everything looks good. Explained that my stomach will get hard. He was surprised that I'm already doing lymphatic massages. He said my arms still have a lot of fluid and still swollen. He decided to put me in smaller size sleeves. I was wearing a large, now a medium. He also noted that I am still swollen overall, especially around my hips.

No issues for me except bemy wrapped up like a mummy all day. These are pics from today.

9-5-17 UPDATE - 33 days Post Op

So, it has been approximately 33 days after my op.

Now, I know why people take a long time to post updates after their op. There really isn't any major changes since my last update at 2 weeks. As others have said already, this journey is a slow tedious process. There will be days when you think you don't look any different than before the op, and then there will be days when you notice more differences.

The best advice I can give to anyone interested in doing this op, is to have PATIENCE and stay away from the mirror. This process really plays mind games on you because you look in the mirror and don't see any major changes. Then you start to question whether it was worth the money. I have decided not to post any pics until I see some major differences. I hope that will be the case at my 2 month post op appointment in October 2017.
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