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About 18 months after my primary rhinoplasty with...

About 18 months after my primary rhinoplasty with another surgeon, I was generally happy with my results but not fully satisfied with my tip rotation. The biggest problem was tip animation--it dropped significantly upon smiling, puckering, etc. I had a consultation with Dr. Chaboki, explaining that I was very hesitant to undergo a full revision rhinoplasty under general anesthesia, and wanted to minimize downtime. He explained that he would be able to perform a procedure under local anesthesia that would involve slightly elevating the tip of my nose and resecting the depressor septi muscle.

I had the procedure done in Dr. Chaboki's office, under local anesthesia as discussed. By far the most uncomfortable and time-consuming part of the procedure was the injection of anesthesia. Once I was anesthetized, the procedure itself only took about 15-20 minutes, which I was fully awake for. Dr. Chaboki did exactly what we discussed, achieving a very subtle elevation of my tip at rest and all but eliminating tip animation.

I've had minimal swelling and discomfort since--I will update this review in a few months, when final results should be apparent. That said, based on my experience so far, I would highly recommend Dr. Chaboki for any cosmetic facial procedures, especially rhinoplasty.
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