Fat Came Back Both Times - Washington, DC

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I am writing this review years after the fact....

I am writing this review years after the fact. Currently I am 34, athletic and in great shape aside from my saggy stomach. Although I have never been pregnant or overweight I have been unable to lose the bulge. I first had liposuction around age 27 in Jacksonville. I recovered very nicely with minimal pain. Initially I was thrilled with the results. Despite my best efforts all the fat returned- in the same area about 1 year later even though I had not gained significant weight ( normally my weight does flutuate +/- 5lbs).

I stuck it out for a few years before deciding to give lipo another chance- and history repeated itself.. I am curious as to why the fat came back in the same exact spot. I suspect a lot of the problem is loose skin/poor turgor and hormonal birth control.

I have since had consults for laser lipo because of its skin tightening properties but I doubt my results would be any better the 3rd time around plus having lipo 3 times sounds insane to me. Years later I am still struggling with this area. I am beginning to think I should wait until I'm done having kids then get a tummy tuck. Has anyone else had a similar experience?

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