Liposuction of Abdomen, Flanks, Inner Thighs with BR and Neck Lift - Washington DC, DC

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Hello to everyone out there! I've been reading the...

Hello to everyone out there! I've been reading the posts and really appreciate the feedback, honesty and experiences. I'm scheduled on Sept 10th for multiple procedures. I will be having a neck lift, with incisions behind my ears and under my chin, a breast reduction, and lipo of my tummy, flanks and inner thighs. The PS is also going to do a skin cut from my lower abdomen to remove skin. My muscles are firm enough so he did not recommend a tuck. I'm really a little worried about having multiple procedures at once, under general anesthesia. I'm 55 years old and mother of 3. My last pregnancy was twins and I still have a bit of the twin skin. Also, at age 38 I was diagnosed with leiomyosarcoma resulting in having a complete hysterectomy and instant menopause. The doctor told me I would gain weight but I didn't believe him at the time, being a very fit and active person who works out 5 days a week. But he was right and I did gain weight. After about 15 years, my body finally has adjusted, I am not taking hormones anymore, I have lost weight (althought I am still working on the final 10). The result of all of this is my breasts have gone from a 36 B/C to 38 DD. They weren't even this big when pregnant with twins! My boobs look like my grandmothers drooping halfway down to my belly and this has really, really bothered me. So I finally decided to do something about it. My neck needs work! I feel that it makes me look heavier than I really am as I have lost the firmness and angle of my jawline with age...the rest of the face and skin are good.

I have learned a lot from the posts and look forward to your responses. I'm nervous about the anesthesia, length of surgery (5.5 hours) and mostly the liposuction. I'm worried about the recovery time! I hear so much about the pain and swelling of liposuction I almost don't want to do it!

No photos yet, but looking forward to hearing from some of you who have been through this - in particular the multiple procedure experience. Thanks much. :)

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Well recommended and tops in the area.

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