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I have always had too much space between my lip...

I have always had too much space between my lip and nose. I hated the way it made me look. I was a member of RBF. If I wasn't smiling, people thought I looked sad or angry. I was once teased about this and it stuck with me. This coupled with being very visual, all I notied were peoples lips, and how minimal everyone's distance between there lip and nose were and used to fantasize about what it would be like to have more of a top lip. I did fillers and not only did I look like a duck, it ended up messing my lip - it now turns down on my right side. I have a very asymetrical face and a scar under my bottom lip so the photos will always look lopsided. I don't see it when I look in the mirror - but the pictures show it. C'estt la vie - Until I win the lottery...

photo day of - This is pretty gross and 3 days later

I was frightened when I first saw this photo. Nothing like changing the middle of your face. I should have bought the Groucho Marx glasses with the nose attached and, done it closed to Halloween so I could go about my day without looking like the bride of Frankenstein.

This is 3 days later

I was the most swollen this day. I wish my lips would stay as plump and deflate the rest of me. Oh boy the nose... It's quite frightening to look in the mirror and not recognize yourself. Every morning I would take a deep breath before I looked in the mirror. I kept thinking everytime I looked in the mirror that I would look different, but it does take time. this is the time to be hedonistic and watch all your guilty pleasure tv shows and movies. I discovered that vegetables were impossible to eat unless I basically ate baby food so I rediscovered french fries - now I can't stop. It's a lot easier to drink you vegetables, but it can get messy - wear a bib.

16 days after surgery (I can't seem to get the dates corrected)

This procedure is pretty amazing. I couldn’t look in the mirror at my lips without getting depressed. I was so uncomfortable with my mouth that I hid behind my long hair, always wore a complete face of make up and did everything to distract from the fact that I had this drab “lip curtain” that always brought me down. I used to look at myself and pick my lip up and fantasize about having big lips with minimal space and red lipstick. I even went to a surgeon who was considered one of the top 3 facial cosmetic surgeons in Manhattan to see if anything could be done, but short of making my nose slant downwards (which he merely mentioned but decided that was crazy), there wasn’t anything out there. It wasn’t until years later, when I found the reviews on this website, I had no idea this could be done. So I thank everyone who posted there reviews and helped me find the best guy for the job and one class act in particular who has been incredibly informational and supportive, I guess you can say my wish came true. Now I just have to quit the french fries.

16 days after surgery - sorry I'm not great at posting things...

My lips are less full, yet my nose and the skin above my lip is still a bit swollen so...

does anyone know of a great dr. in Manhattan for Lip fillers? I don't love the people I have been to in the past.

here is my 1 month post...

Today is one month after my procedure. My apolgies, I have no make up and tons of face cream/oil and scar gell on. I'll wear lipstick tomorrow to show what can be done.

photos of lips with lipstick and photos of scar.

Every angle my lips look different. They look different in person than in photos, but I'm doing the best to show you the various looks as well as how this scar gell has closed up the wound!
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I had general anesthesia because I can't tolerate pain after numeous surgeries and regular IV sedation wasn't safe for me due to throat issues.

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