Puffiness in Tear Trough from Juviderm - Washington, DC

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I was told Dr. Burgess was the "go to" doctor for...

I was told Dr. Burgess was the "go to" doctor for filler. After a bad experience with another doctor, I sought her out to correct the situation. At first, the results were good but then within a few months, puffiness occurred and ever since (almost 2 years ago) the appearance of my lower lids go back and forth from normal to puffy. One one side, I also get an indentation which makes it look even worse. After doing some reviews of Juviderm and talking to other doctors, I found out that this is common and that Juviderm tends to attract water which causes the puffiness. Juviderm it seems is not the best filler for the tear trough area and on top of that, she used the XC so I imagine that is even worse than just regular Juviderm. To make matters worse, it is much more permanent than temporary. I did go back 1 or 2 times about this but felt I was kind of blown off by my concern/dissatisfaction. I don't feel she tried to remedy the situation and I had to pay for the office visits! After the 2nd time I just left it alone and have dealt with the puffiness off and on since having the Juviderm injected. After close to 2 years, the puffiness is pretty constant and I'm very unhappy with how it looks especially given the time and money spent to make me look better not worse.


I have come to find out that it has been known for YEARS that Juviderm in the under the eyes is problematic.

More than 2 years later still have some filler under my eyes

After more than 2 years and having started having some of the filler dissolved, I am still dealing with the after effects of having filler injected. Still dealing with some puffiness and lumpiness. Juviderm should have never been injected in to my tear troughs. Can count anymore how many times I have read that this should not be used under the eyes because it is hydrophilic. I've read numerous reviews from others stating the same regarding Juviderm.
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