24yrs Old, Difficult Case: Crossbite, Underbite, Peg Lateral Incisor, Missing Lateral Incisor, Spaces - Washington,

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Tired of smiling with my mouth closed. I was...

Tired of smiling with my mouth closed. I was supposed to get braces as a teen, but my mother couldn't afford them.

I will need 2 implants once I'm done. The aligners will create a space for where my missing incisor is supposed to be. Then, I have a back tooth that needs an implant as well. I will have a total of three (I have an implant back there already from a molar extraction) . The peg tooth will be fixed with bonding.

My treatment plan is 40 trays! So far I'm on my 5th. None of the trays have been as bad as the first one (so much pain). Once you get adjusted and get on a schedule (cleaning, eating, etc.), it gets better! Also, I had a lisp when I first started, but it's gone now.

On the tray 8, in a rhythm

Space where my lateral incisor is supposed to be is opening up. Front two teeth are also shifting over the bottom (no rubber bands).

The peg lateral has stopped tracking. My dr wants to watch it for maybe one or two more trays, then we may need to do a mid-course correction. Not too happy about that, as I still have a long way to go.

Treatment is great for hygiene (so far)

I had my semi-annual cleaning today and the dentist was so impressed with the state of my teeth. Never heard that before.

I guess brushing/flossing 3-4 times per day isn't so bad. :-)

I was initially afraid the aligners would encourage cavities. So far, so good.

Tray 10

Started Tray 10 tonight and I'm so excited to see the space opening up for my missing incisor. I'll probably need some tooth colored paint for the trays 12 and 13 (I get those trays next time I go to the dentist).

Pontic progress

I'm at the point where I actually prefer having aligners in since I have a huge space forming for my missing lateral incisor. The Pontic looks just like a regular tooth though, and my midline is coming together.

I also compare my first tray to the one I'm on now (16) noticed that I have a wider arch. Very cool.
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