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Went for my regular Botox treatment to soften...

Went for my regular Botox treatment to soften furrows between eyes. The RN suggested Dysport, said it was stronger, lasted longer, etc. Ahe also said there was a $75 rebate (this was September 2010).

Disastrous results. Dysport caused my eyebrows to drop, which intensified the furrows between my eyebrows (try this at home: put your fingers above eyebros and gently push down. See?). It was so bad, even my husband was shocked, and he never notices much.

Went back for some corrective injections (per the RN) of Botox, but the Dysport was so strong it overrode any Botox benefits.

FIVE months later, I'm still frozen in a scowl. Horrible.

Adding insult to injury, I applied for the rebate, sent in all the receipts, etc, and never received it.

Highly recommend steering clear of Dysport. It may last longer - but if the results are not what was intended, you've got a loooooong wait for it to wear off. Plus, I'm wondering if these months of furrowing is creating permanent creases. Middle-aged skin is not resilient - what makes us think it will spring back?

I appreciate all the responses from surgeons...

I appreciate all the responses from surgeons taking the time to answer my question. I do want to make it clear that I spared no expense and went to a very well-known dermatologist practice here in DC, and to an RN with literally hundreds of successful "before and afters" in her portfolio. Believe me, when it comes to my appearance, no corners are cut.

However, this RN *did* fall short of success, and I am still furious when I think of how many months I have suffered - looking angry and old because of the injections. Finally - eight months later - the effects are wearing off.

So I am here to tell you - Dysport lasts a looooong time. Great news if it's successful - a disaster if not. My final analysis is that I will stay with Botox, if only because there is a shorter turnaround if something goes wrong. Worth the money and the more frequent office visits.

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When I returned for her to see the results of the Dysport, she said "Look on the bright sided, it will wear off." NOT acceptable attitude.

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