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Here is the thing. i had a hair transplant october...

here is the thing. i had a hair transplant october 2011. it was not at bosley, hair club or any franchise. my transplant in october did not achieve the exact results that i wanted and without a problem the did again at no charge 12/07/2012. it takes time but it is coming in and i am happy. it was a coincidence but i am a sales professional and was approached by bosley for a position. here is the deal: 1st- i met with the NE regional manager from NY. an english guy that was sneeky from the start. i explained my transplant, he looked at my staples (not stitches due to tight skin after the 1st transplant). he said he had never seen that before and whomever did this was questionable? i met with some sneeky suit wearing salesman who said the same thing. funny thing is that i met with the Dr. who thought i was a patient and said the staples were the very best was to keep scarring to a minimum. kind of funny that the 2 guys that talk to potential clients about 12-25k procedures didn't know something so important. 2nd- i was asked if i had a problem selling people up on things. like a used car approach. here is the main thing: my surgery at another Dr. was 4k for 1900 grafts. the same at bosely would have been around 13K. why? the salesman salary is 52k with commissions that should bring total per year over 100k. where does that come from? clients. look at the advertising costs. where does that come from? clients. they also try to upsell you on their rogaine, laser combs, propecia. bottom line is that for a medical procedure should a sales guy talk to you or a doctor. what other surgery does the Dr. not go over everything? if you want hair, do the surgery. it hurts a little but worth the pain. being bald sucks and when it is all said and done you are happy. think about it like this. would you rather go to mcdonalds(bosley) or a mom and pop burger place that is fresh every day?
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all was cool. exactlyas the Dr. explained everything.

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