MTM Clear Aligners (Similar to Invisalign) for Minor Tweaks - Washington DC, DC

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I'm on my third set of trays for MTM (I will need...

I'm on my third set of trays for MTM (I will need four in total) and have been pretty pleased so far. It's worth noting that I've never had braces before and all I'm going for are a few vanity tweaks. A few things to know:

1.) Each set of trays is three weeks and you are supposed to wear the trays roughly 22 hours per day. On my second set of trays I had several work commitments that simply did not allow me to meet that requirement (lots of public talking and presenting and I was self-conscious with the aligners in). On that particular set, we extended to three and a half weeks just to ensure my teeth had enough adjustment time before moving to the next set. It worked out just fine.

2.) Depending on your treatment plan, they may need to file a little space in between a couple of teeth to make room for the movement. It didn't take long and it didn't hurt (I needed no anesthesia) but it's something you'll want t ask about.

3.) Nothing is installed on your actual teeth/enamel with MTM. My understanding is that "bumpers" are placed on your teeth with Invisalign and I did NOT want that. MTM has little buttons installed in the aligners themselves that do this work for you so nothing is glued to the teeth. It's actually kind of cool to look at the new aligners each time and see the buttons so you can tell which teeth will be pushed where.

4.) They are quite painless. The very first set was pretty uncomfortable for the first 48 hours (I got some prescription Motrin from the doc) but after that it was smooth sailing. Each new set definitely feels snugger and tighter at first but that's to be expected.

5.) If you're a night grinder like me, your final aligners can be made to double as a nite guard. Now your teeth will be protected AND stay in their new straight position.

I will update this as I finish my treatment in the upcoming weeks.
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