Hi guys! I am a 20 year old college student who is...

Hi guys! I am a 20 year old college student who is finishing my sophomore year of college in two weeks. I have decided to make an account on this site instead of just reading everyone else's review because I have officially decided to get my breasts done. I will be planning to have to procedure done near the beginning of August (almost three months away) and am still evaluating my options doctor wise.

I do not know what size bra I wear because I have never been sized. Do you have a hint of what I could be? At the age of 16 years old I got my first bra (people told me I was getting too old to keep wearing my undershirts haha!). I have been wearing the same bra for almost three years now (the purple triple push up one) which is in a size 34A I believe, it just looks big because I got the biggest push up I could find. I am hoping to no longer have to wear this bra anymore and get a breast augmentation so that I dont have to wear push ups and so that I have huge boobies with and without a bra.

But about the part where I say this is my boob and weightloss journey, no only do I want bigger boobs but I want to lose weight as well. For about five years of my life I have always been 130lbs (which looked normal on me) and now I am 140lbs. For my height, my weight is almost to the point of overweight, I also have gotten a belly!!:( So I plan to lose a minimum of 130lbs before my surgery, but my goal is to be 125lbs.

So I had a consultation with this doctor...

So I had a consultation with this doctor I really like today, but I canceled because I think i found someone better whose price is one that I can not pass up on. I decided to go with Dr. Jacob Freiman whose office is in Miami, Florida, even though I live in Washington, DC. His price for saline implants is $2,500 while his price for silicone implants are $3,500. After reading numerous views and comparing doctors and prices, this dude cannot go wrong. So I plan on having my surgery near the beginning of August, and will be putting down my $1,000 deposit in two weeks. What I am happy about is although I am 20 years old, they are allowing me to get silicone implants. I am just wondering if I should go this route or if I should get saline. Any suggestions from experience?:0 I have posted my wish pics. One of the users name on here is LabellaNewBoobs. :) I have also posted pics of me in a bathing suit currently!

Thursday, I sped walked on the treadmill

Hi guys! i forgot to add that I started working out this week for the first time. My average days usually consisted of me going to school and then going home and eating in my bed while I watch my favorite shows and do homework. On sunday, me and my mom went bike riding for an hour. On tuesday, I went to the gym and did interval cardio on the treadmill for 35 mins. Thursday, I sped walked on the treadmill we have in our house for 31mins. And today (Friday), I will be going to the gym again. I have attached a picture of how I look in clothes. I dont look almost over weight, but I am on the high side of normal for my age, weight and height lol I also have my push up bra on in this picture, I tried to make my boobs look big in my outfit but I guess it didnt work! xD

Before and After

Before and After breast augmentation pictures I created on ReShapR.com :)

$500 down :D

Hey guys,
So here I am 29 days later after starting my journey on this site. Since my last post, I have looking at even more reviews on girls who have gotten their breasts done and looking at different Doctors. At first I was thinking Dr. Freiman but then I saw how so many women got their boobs done, lipo, bbl and everything for such a cheap price down in the Dominican Republic. So I then started looking at all of their doctors and contacting them about quotes and everything and they gave such good deals but the reason I decided to stay with Dr. Freiman is because CG Cosmetics responds very fast to my messages and I can actually understand them. The doctors down in the Dominican Republic dont speak english that well as it seems and get alot of things mixed up. I told them i wanted lipo and a breast aug and they quoted me for labiaplasty lol???? So I will stick with the states for CG's quote of 3,500 for silicone breast implants is awesome!!! I just paid $500 towards setting my date and will be paying the last $500 this week which will quote me at a price of $2,500 remaining. Yayy!! The journey begins!!:D

My flight is confirmed!!!

My flight is confirmed!!! I am leaving August 10th which is a sunday and will be having my procedure on Monday August 11th. I still have to pay $2,500 of the $3,500 I owe before the procedure so I will be paying $500 before the end of the month and the last $2,000 during the month of August. I will also be paying for my hotel/transportation/food (all comes together) this month, as well as my sports bra I will be needing after surgery. I also have to update my passport because it expired. Is there anything I am forgetting? My coordinator told me all I need is to buy a sports bra and they will have my pain medication prescription for me when I arrive, but I feel like there must be more I have to do. If you can think of anything, let me know, thanks. :D P.s. i have added some newer pictures of me. I lost 2 pounds so I am 138 now. I also just noticed one of my nipples is a bit bigger than the other. Hopefully my surgeon can do something about this with no extra charge? We will see!!

New Wish Pics

Attached are my new "wish pics" i will be showing my doctor. I want to make sure I get large breasts because I know I will have boob greed if I dont. Reading other girls reviews has really helped me make this decision for a while now :) I want to go big or go home...^___^

I hope I can get to this size with 600 ccs!! But maybe not haha

Surgery 19-20 days away D:

ok so my surgery is like 19-20 days away (August 11), and I just realized that today D: I'm getting nervous lol I think it is because I have never left the DMV by myself. I also have only been on a plane once so I am going to take one by myself back and forth and I do not really know what to expect. I am also hoping I dont have to spend any more money for I barely have enough to finish paying off the surgery. I still owe $1,500 but will have $1,000 before the end of this month and the other $500 hopefully i can get from my college fund, boyfriend or mom. The thing is, I have already made the $500, I just wont be receiving it until August 13th which is after my surgery. But the one thing I am scared about now is getting a blood test and them telling me they cant go through with the surgery because something of mine is too high or low. Anyone know of a supplement or something to get or drink that can increase my chances of being good for my blood test? Also, can I take the blood test here at home and have my doctor send it to my surgeon or no? And response would be good, thank you so much girls....im so nervous D:

balance due today?!?!

So my coordinator for the surgery emailed me telling me the rest of my balance is due today. Wait what? What the fuck no one ever told me I had a specific date on which I need to have everything payed off. If I had known this, I would of planned to have the money early. I dont even have close to the amount I owe today, I have $200 currently, will have $500 more tomorrow. $500 something wednesday along with $300 something on the weekend which will basically pay off my whole balance from there but I will not be able to pay it all off until the end of the week so I dont know what to say....I dont have the money now. They never told me anything about having to pay it off on a certain date, I was planning to pay it off at least a week before my surgery date. I hope they dont think they can take my money and run now or change my date because I already paid for my plane tickets...weird....:/


ok maybe im slow. I just saw now that the total balance is due 15 days before surgery. Although its not quite 15 days yet, i still wont have all the money until next week. Well this sucks....I wonder what will happen now :( I hope they dont change my date or take all my money. I worked this whole summer to pay off this procedure...I have all the money its just im waiting on my checks to arrive.


Hi everyone,
Sorry for so many posts lol my coordinator responded back and told me its ok , i can pay the rest this week with a smiley face yayyy lol I was just worried because I am paying for this surgery all by myself and I dont even have a full time smh but I want to do the surgery sooner than later because I'm moving to baltimore the last week of August!! Hopefully everything goes good :D

Pre Op Appointment

Hi everyone, I went to my "pre-op" appointment today which was requested by the doctor i will have my surgery with in miami. So i went in today and was asked a whole bunch of questions about my medical history and then I got blood drawn. I dont have my results yet but once they come back my doctor here in DC will be able to tell me whether or not I can have surgery and if I can, will clear me with my surgeon. I think everything will come back normal but just keeping my fingers crossed. But word of advice, any one who is planning on getting this surgery or any other kind of surgery, also add on at least $1,000 to the what your surgery cost will be. I did not know I would have to pay $350 to get blood drawn, $300 for plane tickets, $350 for a place to stay and transportation, $100 for other expenses and I havent even had surgery yet, its a week away and alot still may pop up. Luckily I have been able to pull from my college fund so money is fine but just letting you guys know...it would be alot more stressful if I didnt have a college fund to dip into....well anyways wish me luck :DD lol

only a few more days...

some random doctor on this site said my boobs have a mild sag to it. What the freak? lol I am slightly saggy??? Wow ok. But yea, so i have all the money for my procedure now and then some. I confirmed my stay at this place my coordinator Yadira recommended where they pick me up from the airport, take me to my surgery, pick me up, feed me, give me a place to sleep, and drop me back off at the airport. I will be paying $350 for this service for three days. So I am ready for my flight this upcoming sunday to come and for me to get this over with. It feels like forever since ive been waiting to get this done yet i only really started looking into it the beginning of the summer and now the summer is ending and school starts the last week of August. D: Everything will be worth it if my breast come close to looking like my wish pics although my wish pics are huge breasts haha I just really dont want to have boob envy, I am spending all this money so might as well go big or go home. I woke up drenched in sweat last night...I had a dream that i woke up from surgery with average sized breasts and I was like wtf what a waste of money time to go in for a second round. I dont want that to happen in real life lol

If you are looking for a place that provides you transportation, food, and a place to stay for surgery as well in Miami, contact one of these ladies below and confirm a date! I went with Maria, she will send you pictures of where you are staying :)

Nurse information below (provide housing, food, transportation, and care if you are traveling along)

Magda- *

Keila- *

Izora- *

Maria- *


yayyyyyyy four more dayssssss yayyy so glad my mom doesnt care about me getting a breast augmentation. I have been planning and saving up all summer and then decided to tell my mom two weeks before just because i needed more money haha I'm tired of not being happy with how i look, your only young once so im trying to have my dream body now instead of waiting until after i have kids. Once i get this surgery, i still plan on getting a nose job and liposuction in the stomach area. I want an hour glass shape. My nose is a good shape but when i turn to the side its not like straight so i want that changed as well as the fat out of my tummy because since i entered college, fat has been collecting there and i want to stop that now. My college is fully paid for as well as my apartment because i got a scholarship with a $10,000 stipend. I have no loans so this is the best time to get any surgeries for i have no real expenses. I plan on saving as well but would like to get all my surgeries before i graduate in two years. I am doing all this to make myself happy and no one else. Nothing is worse than to look in the mirror and think you look bad. You only live onceeeee, no point in living unhappy!!!lol

The guy in the pic is my boyfriend of 4 years :D he is ok with my surgery, he just doesnt want me to "change". I guess that means think im all hot and be a hoe but I am not getting boobs to look cute for anyone else, just myself and to look better in clothes. I do hope this surgery doesnt bring on more pervs but whatever, ill just ignore them.

My last day of my internship was today, my supervisor was hitting on me mad hard, glad i dont ever have to go back. He is old enough to be my father, just nasty.

My mom keeps telling me oh to go up to a C is a good size. She asked me what size am I looking to get and I said ummmm idk ill let the doctor decide when really in the back of my head im like IM GETTING TRIPLE D's BITCH HAHAHA just kidding but not really...lololololololol

1 more day and a couple of hours!!

I havent even gotten my breast done yet but Im already having boob greed. I do NOT want to wake up from surgery and see average sized boobs. hahaha pleaseeeeee give me big boobs Dr. Freiman!!! I am definetly not going to let him give me anything smaller than 500 ccs but am hoping he will put in 600 ccs and 650 ccs if I am lucky. I dont know how the doctors determine how many ccs you can fit but i am hoping i have enough chest space for alot! I am not a small girl so I know I can at least fit 500 ccs. Well hopefully I end up looking like my wish pics...one more day and like 4 hours!!!!! weeeee my surgery is this Monday at 9am. I have done everything they have asked...no more games :P I feel crazy for even having this surgery but you only live once, no point of living with small boobs!!!


I flew to miami yesterday and had surgery today. I have alot my meds except the PERKS, they gave me advil. I'm in a lot of pain.....I can barely move....the doctor put 500 ccs in :/ i guess i was to small to go any bigger :( i will post pics in a couple of days when my chest doesnt feel like im getting stepped on my a elepants...everything hurts... :(

2 days Post Op

i will write about my experience later when i feel better but for now here is some picture 2 days post up, very high, hurt. 500 ccs was the most he could put in. Its silicone gel something..

All by myself in Miami

Sorry for all the spelling mistakes in my last post! So basically, sunday afternoon i took a plane by myself to Miami (2nd time i have ever been on a plane since I was little) and i met the lady (Maria) who I was going to stay with, at the MIA airport. Basically I paid her $350 to pick me up from the airport, take me to my appointments, pick me up from surgery, take me back to the airport, feed me, take care of me etc. Maria was very nice and treated me like family, I recommend staying with her if you plan on getting surgery in Miami. Her number is *. You will have a nice large room to stay in that has your own personal bathroom and everything. Ok so back to what happened, Maria picked me up sunday night from the airport then took me to her place where I got settled in and fell asleep. Then the next day we woke up early where she dropped me of at the clinic at 8am. I waited there an hour until I got to see anyone. They brought me to the back room, had me take a pregnancy test which was negative, had me pee in a cup, then hooked me up to an IV that was sending water I guess threw my veins. So for about three hours, I was in a cold room with this IV in my arm (which creeps me out) with people coming through having me sign stuff, taking care of last minute money I owe and etc. Then the doctor came and looked at my breasts asking what I wanted, I told him large breasts, then showed him my wish pics. He looked at them like i was crazy but then told me he will try his best and was thinking he could fit an implant in around the 500ccs range. I told him I wanted 600ccs he said he will try but if they dont fit he will have to bring the ccs down. So after that I waited an hour and half longer with the IV still hooked up to me staring at the ceiling in a cold room thinking I am crazy wtf am i doing...then thinking i want boobs so i dont care if its cold and I'm all by myself. Then a little later a man came in and took me to the room where I was getting the procedure done, they tied me down and put a warm blanket over my body, changed whatever was in the IV to make me go to sleep then I woke up...i dont remember what happened, I just remembered asking how many ccs i got and they said 500ccs and i was thinking ok.....then i was taken in a wheel chair outside where Maria was there getting my stuff and putting me in her car. I got to her place where they propped pillows up for me and brought me some food because I was really hungry since I couldnt eat until the procedure was done. It was painful to move, everything hurt, they gave me some advil but that didnt work. I had my mom call the office asking to give my some PERKS but they couldnt get a hold of the doctor. I spent the whole night in pain. I woke up in pain still, I was supposed to leave that morning on a plane but my mom changed my flight to thursday. I got really angry because I didnt want to leave thursday, I wanted to leave at that very moment. I didnt want to be in Miami by myself in pain, especially when I wasnt given any serious pain medicine. The whole day I was texting my mom angry she changed my flight without my permission, expecting me to pay for it as well including any other costs it would take for me to stay there 3 more days which would be at least $400!!! I dont even have job so why would she do that, i was so mad!!!! Then finally my moms friend was able to get a refund on the flight thursday and get me a flight that very day (tuesday) to come back home to DC, i was relieved because it was only $75 and I didnt want to be in Miami any longer. Before I left, i went to my post op appointment, Dr. Freiman wasnt there, they had Dr. Edgar or something come talk to me. Everything he said went out my ear because i already knew everything. I told him i needed some pain medicine and he said try tylenol. In my head i was thinking WTF IS TYLENOL GONNA DO? So anyways I left and waited in the waiting room while the front desk called me a cab which took me to the MIA airport where I caught a plane to Washington, DC where my mom picked me up and took me home and got me ice, pillows, prescription medicine for pain from her friend and now I am here today writing about my experience.

Even though it has only been three days post op, I can tell you all this now, I will definitely be going back to get my breasts done again in the next year or so because I'm pretty sure once they drop they will not look like my wish pics but that is ok. I was an A cup before, it was crazy of me to think I would look like my wish pics after just one surgery. I am glad I went through with it, the pain is nothing compared to not being small chested anymore, next time I have surgery, I will have 700ccs-800ccs put in instead of 500ccs. I will also MAKE SURE i have prescription pain killers with me before I have any surgery ever again. If you have any questions just ask. Looking forward to seeing what the future holds :)

P.s. unless you want alot of people asking you questions and being in your business, dont tell anyone your having surgery because people like to tell each other things, then everyone freaking knows smh My mom told my dad i was having surgery and he called me and asked what surgery did you have, and I was like "ughh I had surgery done to my teeth....my phones dying, ttyl!!!!" I was so mad lol...

6 days post

Its been 6 days since surgery now. My implants are still very high up, i dont think they dropped, maybe an inch but thats being generous. They are very hard and far apart. I wish i looked like other girls who naturally get cleavage but oh well. I think once they drop and are soft and easy to move around, I will be able to gain cleavage with the right bra. So far I am certain one breast is larger than the other, that is why i dont understand why my surgeon put the same implant in both when i pointed out one was bigger than the other before surgery. I dont know when i will be able to take the tape off my nipples, is two weeks fine? My boobs are extra sensitive on the side so i cant wear the band strap thingy anymore until it stops because it starts to sting. I am glad I didnt get anything like capsular conafkjersf whatever its called. Even though they are very high up, far apart, and one breast is larger than the other...as long as it drops, i will be grateful and thankful.


I forgot to add that the pain is still here but just better than it was the first day. Hearing how other girls felt normal after like maybe the 3 or 4th day blew my mind. Maybe i am different :( Cant wait to feel normal again!

1 week post

Hi girls! I believe im a week and a day post! Im not in pain anymore but my breasts are very sensitive so i dont wear any kind of bra or its very uncomfortable and stings. I feel pretty normal, i just cant play things basketball or try to hard or walk very fast. Also, its not painful to try and lay on my side anymore but still a little bit uncomfortable but wayyy better than the first week. My implants are still very high and need to drop but i believe they have dropped some or at least become softer. The bottom of my implants are kind of soft and squishy like while the top part of my breast where it needs to drop it hard but getting softer every day. The breasts are smaller than i wanted and even when they drop and fluff, will still be smaller then i wanted so i plan on going back in the near future to get bigger implants if i get the money and courage again. I have gained some weight, im afraid to weigh myself...in my photos im sucking it in lol hopefully i can lose some of the pounds and be my standard weight again (130) so i can feel content in my own skin. All the fat is really heading straight to my stomach now smh..

3 weeks i believe...

I think its 3 weeks, im not sure haha My implants are still high lol i dont think they have dropped at all, the only real change is that my skin has stretched alot making the implants not feel like rocks tied to my chest, they will natural, i used to always feel them but now i dont, it feels like its not even there until i touch my breast. A layer of softness covers my breasts but its still a bit hard. I wonder when my breasts will drop because i can barely wear any of my clothes, even t-shirts!!!! In everything i wear, you can see how high my breasts are riding through the clothes so either people think im deformed or that i have implants obviously. I dont regret a thing, im so glad im probably not an A cup anymore, i feel better even though i didnt get to the size my wish pics are. I would recommend anyone thinking about getting this procedure done to do it. Its worth the time and the research. Even though the first week sucks, after you will be happier than before, that is if ur surgeon doesnt mess up (choose wisely). I took one of the bandages off my breast and have attached a photo of my scar. It is ugly now and my nipple is kind of cut off a bit lol...should i leave the bandage on our keep it off? Im scared if i keep it off it will rip open or something

my friend though i lost weight but i actually gained weight ...

1 month and a week i believe...

Me a month and 1 week post i believe. Feels like apart of me, like i never got surgery. Still too high up for my liking, looking forward to it dropping but i love it!!!!! Best decision ever. Glad i worked all summer to get the surgery. hehe


yayyy...i look so much better in shirts now...best decision ever....still dropping though, will wait for end result :) I am a D in bras p.s. I have a few stretch marks on breasts but thats ok haha my scars are basically gone


Miami Plastic Surgeon

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