Botox Side Effect or Dysport. Can a Doc Lie About What He Injected Me With? - Washington, DC

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I had a botox(supposedly) about two weeks ago on...

I had a botox(supposedly) about two weeks ago on my 11 line and I had terrible headaches and flu-like symptom the next few days. While I had a follow up with my doc and we were discussisng about other issues (hallow spot on my 11 area) I noticed that he was keep referring that I had a dysport instead of Botox. So I asked him what I had, and he looked at the chart and said dysport. On the chart i could see that someone's handwriting of "Dysport 7.5~~" So I freaked out and told him that I had specifically told them that I wanted Botox instead of Dysport on the day of injection and he changed his words and said "oh yeah, you had a botox, sorry. i thought you had a dysport..." He said he was gonna inject dysport but since I wanted botox, he injected Botox. I am VERY suspicious of what I had.

About 5 days ago, I started to feel pressure on my left side of the face and noticed that my left eye is about 1/3 smaller than my right. And today, I am feeling pain like pressure on my outer corner part of my eye, especially when I try to close my eyes.

Also I am feeling the heaviness on my left side of my face upto the top of my left head. I feel that something is spreading on my left side of the face.

Can a doc manipulate the medical record? I think I am pretty sure that Im injected with Dysport instead of Botox. Also will this side effect a normal side effect? will this go away?


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