28 Years Old Male, Seeking Custom Jaw Implants, Custom Chin Implant, Custom Cheek Implants, Buccal Fat Removal

I've previously had a shelf implant placed in my...

I've previously had a shelf implant placed in my chin and it's still there. I feel like the chin implant really helped my profile but it made my face look longer and it didn't address the jawline area. I later had Radiesse injected in the jawline area but did not receive the desired effect. Also had Radiesse in the cheeks over a few years. Looking to get a more "angular" facial appearance like male models have with lower facial fat. Anyway this is just the start of my "review" more to come... Here are some crappy selfies I took of myself today


I have a consultation with Dr. Yaremchuk in early March, I was not able to schedule anything earlier as I'm not able to take time off work and it generally snows here in January and February and flying is a nightmare due to flight cancellations etc.

People were asking me celebrities who have features I'd most like to have (I doubt I would look anything like these people regardless of surgery, but this is a rough idea of what I want). The celebrity I'd most like to look like is Colton Haynes from Arrow and Teen Wolf, he has really great features especially his jawline. I don't have a cleft chin, but I was thinking of having one added in the custom implant if that is possible. I think my face is too long to ever look like this but his face is pretty much perfect looking to me. He is also the same age as me if that matters at all, I see a lot of people comparing themselves to people that are 10+ years older or younger and I think that is hard to imagine with aging and everything...

My photos

I wasn't getting many comments before but now that I am I wanted to put my photos back on here because I don't want to confuse people and I'd like to get input. I do have Radiesse in my jawline area (semi permanent filler) which was injected a little over nine months ago, I don't know how much is left but it's definently still there

Before jaw filler after chin implant and neck lipo

This is me a couple months post chin implant and neck lipo but before I had anything injected in my jaw. Notice the chin is more point and has a more dramatic step off and makes my face look really long

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