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The first time I got botox (2 years ago) my doc...

The first time I got botox (2 years ago) my doc only gave me 5 units per eye. About 6 months ago, I got it done again, and he gave me 5 on one side and a little more on the other. 2 weeks ago, I went in and he gave me 10 on each side. After reading reviews, I feel like he gave me too much, as my "crows feet" are only present when I smile, but they are not very deep at all. Even without botox, I am always told that I look way younger than I really am. I just wanted to look a little extra refreshed for the holidays, but I feel like maybe I was given too much botox??? Not sure how I feel.

Its been about 2 weeks, and my face isn't looking too weird or different, but I am wondering if I could have gotten the same effect with less? Or if it could have even been dangerous for me to receive more than I really needed?

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