No Thanks Dr. Yager!! - New York, NY

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I came here after a friend of mine got 3 liter of...

I came here after a friend of mine got 3 liter of fat transferred for 5 grand . Im 5'5 and 135 pounds , mind you. So im thinking , " i dont have a lot of fat so im going to pay maybe 3000-3500 for the BBL". When i went there he was SO RUSHY! Didnt even ask if i had questions or what i want my butt to look like. He didnt even look at my whole body to find fat , he just looked at my back and love handles. And then he asks me what do i do as a job, which i answered, im a make up artist at sephora. The consultation was maybe 10 minutes. I went to the financing office and my total JUST for love handles ( thats where he said he only wanted to do) , an transfer to butt cost 5 grand !!!!! Meanwhile my friend 5 grand with removal and transfer of 3 liters . Seriously dr. Yager? Why am i paying 5 grand for less work than my friend got done ? Just because i said im a make up artist and you assume they make money so you rise the price? Not cool!!!! I rather pay 5 grand to a better doctor. Dr. Matthew schulman here i come!!

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