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I started using Latisse the 1st week of May. It...

I started using Latisse the 1st week of May. It last about 2-3 months and you have to use it every day.

I would wash my face at night and take off all my eye makeup. It comes with this little brush that you use to apply right on the edge of your eyelid (wear you would put eyeliner), the first couple times it did irretate my eye, but id say by the 3rd or 4th day I was fine. I do wear contacts, so I did have to take those out before i applied it.

I want to say I really started to see a huge difference by the 5-6th week. All my co-workers could see a difference only after a month. My eyelashes are so much darker and fuller then they were before. The only downfall to this product is that youmust contuine to use it. If you stop using it then your eyelashes will go back to how they were before.

One container of it last up to 3-4 months and it is about $100. If you go on their website you can print out a $10 coupon but make sure where ever you decide to go to buy it accept that coupon.

I definetly see my self contuining to use this product. i am so happy with the results.

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Dr. is a board certified plastic surgeon and I have had a few surgeries with him in the past and I trust his judgement.

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