Veins Hanging out of my Legs

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Before this procedure I had 6 lasers then...

Before this procedure I had 6 lasers then sclerotherapy for my right calf that still shows bulging veins. The lasers works awesome for the bothersome veins but the cosmetic ones not so much. The lasers were a piece of cake compared. The thought of veins being pulled out my legs kept my head spinning.

Strips off, no more bulges

Down 6 lasers and 1 sclerotherapy treatment!
No more bulges:)


Done with treatment. Yesterday was my last ejection. So far so good, few hard lumps where veins were pulled out and bruises from injections. The whole vein from hip to bottom is bruised. Vein center says it's the protein that coming to the surface!!
I have patience with the bruising and lumps as my body will absorb! Will post pic upon request.

Just cause I'm here!

So the lumps are getting smaller by the day. With my 3 busy kids, can't say I don't still feel soreness and tenderness. I do have veins on my legs that has appeared since treatment but the P.A. says these should clear up also over time. Well my 2 month check-up is 1-10 and hopefully all is cleared up seeing I will be having a tummy tuck 2 days later and would probably deny further treatment until I'm healed from the tummy tuck!

vein swollen and hurting.

So I went out last night in heels, now I have a swollen, painful, bruised veinon my right inner calf. This isn't my first time wearing heels since procedure so I'm not sure. I have been wearing my compression socks since. Hope this helps!

2 month follow-up

Went yesterday for my 2 month follow up and they saw with the ultrasound that I still had an open trunk. So I got 3 more injections. My TT is tomorrow:) It shouldn't interfere, but it's definitely got me thinking about it!
Dr. Andrew Georgeson

Had my consultation with Dr. Georgeson. He only do my treatments when my appointments were on a Wednesday:( I had to have 12 treatments which included 2 kinds of lasers, sclerotherapy and foam injections, I'm on injections now! So far I've had 7 treatments and he's done 2. The other 5 were PA's But I think they still did a good job!

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