Veins Hanging out of my Legs

Before this procedure I had 6 lasers then...

Before this procedure I had 6 lasers then sclerotherapy for my right calf that still shows bulging veins. The lasers works awesome for the bothersome veins but the cosmetic ones not so much. The lasers were a piece of cake compared. The thought of veins being pulled out my legs kept my head spinning.

Strips off, no more bulges

Down 6 lasers and 1 sclerotherapy treatment!
No more bulges:)
Dr. Andrew Georgeson

Had my consultation with Dr. Georgeson. He only do my treatments when my appointments were on a Wednesday:( I had to have 12 treatments which included 2 kinds of lasers, sclerotherapy and foam injections, I'm on injections now! So far I've had 7 treatments and he's done 2. The other 5 were PA's But I think they still did a good job!

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