Warning: Your Nose Will Get Bigger Before It Gets Smaller!

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Three weeks ago I had an Extreme Makeover with...

Three weeks ago I had an Extreme Makeover with breast augmentation, rhinoplasty, lower bleph, and some minor liposuction on my chin. I am okay with the results of all the procedures (elated with my breasts, feel good about my bleph) but the rhino was by far the worst part of the experience.

With my new breasts and even the lower bleph, I could see results pretty quickly. Not so with the rhinoplasty! First I had the big cast on my nose and when that came off I looked even worse. Not only did it cause a lot of bruising on my face but my nose looked worse than before. So I called my surgeon in a panic and his nurse told me to wait and be patient and follow the aftercare instructions.

So I did and I am feeling better now. My nose really did reduce in size just like he said, and I kept cleaning out all of the gunk and keeping it tidy like I was supposed to. It took about a month but I finally feel good about the nose job. I no longer have a bump on the top of my nose and the tip is also more defined but not too thin. I have kept the character of my nose and face but also reduced the extremity of the way I looked.

I never doubted that this was what I wanted. Early on in the process that is a decision you have to make. I was worried about the results briefly before I resolved to move forward and deal with it. I am glad I did because not only am I happy but I was a lot less stressed during my recovery. I’m sure that helped me to get better and get to where I am now, one month in (still early) and very happy with what I got! (See my other reviews for thoughts on my other procedures)

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