Tummy Tuck-lipo-bbl - Walnut Creek, CA

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Dr.behmand and his office staff have been amazing,...

Dr.behmand and his office staff have been amazing, the day of my consultation I had to take my sister in law with me to help with my boys and the office staff was amazing and patient with me and my kids. I loved that the dr was not trying to get me to purchase more he actually told me I did not need a few things I thought I did. He answered all my question and I was so nervous that I forgot to ask many question but I was able to contact him through ASHLEY who is amazing she responds back fast and always answers all my questions and has helped with me being nervous.I was put on a list In case they got a opening and was able to go in a few months before. Dr. Was amazing I went in there complaining about my whole body but he was amazing and told me a few things I wanted were not needed and why.

4days post opp

I love it !!! I got the procedure done July 6
From the moment I got to the aspen surgery center everyone was amazing !!!i was so nervous when they were preparing me but every nurse and dr.b made it such a great experience I don't even remember falling asleep. I remember waking up and nurses greeted me and called my husband to come in the room with me and dr. B came to see me. I could not believe i did the procedure. 1day was the most painful and the 2nd day but once I controlled my pain it was nice. I have the guarments on and I can't remove it for a week. NO DRAINS!!!!and I love to see myself in the mirror now !!!thats how drastic my body changes were!! U really need help if I have small children lucky for me my mom has been keeping my 3kids with her at her house so I can recover they just come bring me breakfast lunch and dinner since they are 15min away. And my husband is home with me helping me around the house . I been sleeping a lot the pain medication makes me sleepy. Will keep updating !!

Before tummy tuck lipo and fat transfer

San Francisco Plastic Surgeon

Dr.B was amazing I went in there very negative about almost my whole body but he was awesome and explained every procedure I was asking about and told me what he thought and how he would perform the procedure. He explained how long it would take and my recovery time. He was so patient even though I had to take my 2boys with me. It takes time to get a consultation but it's worth it with something so drastic and dangerous you want to always take your time. I can't wait for my surgery date !! DR. B so far has been amazing he performs the drain less tummy tuck and was honest about my body he never tried to up sell me. He explained every question I had plus more !!

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