52 Years Old Confused About Liposcution. Walnut Creek, CA

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I am a regular weight 52 yrs who ate health and...

I am a regular weight 52 yrs who ate health and worked out moderately. However, I have a apple shaped body which accumulated fate in the back, flanks, upper belly and lower belly. So basically i wanted lipo to be done on the torso. I had the lipo yesterday and today doctor removed my bandages. He mentioned that he took out 1700 cc of liquid, with 1400 being fat. When he removed the bandage, I did not see any significant change when I look at the mirror. Both the Dr and nurse said that it it is the swelling, inflammation, and liquid and hard to see any changes until 1 month. This is kind of confusing because from what I read here, people could see the affects immediately until the swellling kicks in...this kind of confused me. I am going to give it time but so far I don't feel nothing.

52 Yrs Old Liposuction - Confused

I had laser liposuction yesterday. Today my Dr. took out the bandages, and he tells me it takes bout 1 month to see any improvement since the areas are still filled with fluide, plasma and broken down fat. Honestly I saw all my flabs and not a bit of change in the mirror . I will give an update as I go along., but I am trying to find our from those who had laser liposuction...when do you get to see any results? Please let me know. Do you see anything at all the first 2 days. I am 5'1" , not overweight - eat healthy and workout , but had back fat in the flanks and in the upper and lower belly - muffin top. He said he took out 1700 cc of fluid, out of which 1500 cc was fat. Is this a decent amount of fat? Somehow I don't feel good about this. I am looking for encouraging words from people who have gone through this. Thanks


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