5'2" curvy (except on top)

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I am sharing my story and soon pictures because I...

I am sharing my story and soon pictures because I hope some women can feel encouraged. I have been unhappy with my breasts ever since they came in. One has always a cup or more smaller than the other and well....never got much to fill a bra for my body type. I have struggled with my weight all my life once I hit thirty and finished having babies, I really started to focus on my weight. I have PCOS and underactive thyroid and a bad case of over worked and always tired lazy mommy syndrome. I found an amazing surgeon that has made me feel like he cares about what I want and made me feel ok that I am overweight and want this for myself. I am going for 550 and 650 silicone extra high implants and a lift. Feeling super nervous as this is my first surgery in my life but I am more than ready to be happy with at least one piece of my body. Any suggestions for supplies to prepare would be greatly appreciated.

If everyone else can so can I...

Well here they are, my before pics. I can't wait to be comfortable with my breasts. Seeing a picture of them makes me feel ready for the pain and to get this done.

So nervous,

It's almost surgery day, I am so nervous I am going crazy. I am not afraid of the pain because I know it is temporary. But what if I have regrets about doing it? What if they are too big? Is this normal fear for this type of surgery? I am so thankful for this site. Being able to read other women's stories is encouraging.
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