The Waiting Game After Surgery

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I have had silicone implants for three weeks now...

I have had silicone implants for three weeks now and I’m waiting for the full effect. The implants were placed under the muscle (this is pretty standard) which means they’re “riding high” right now but will eventually drop to a normal level! It’s still funny to be seen in public like this though. I’m very conscious of how my breasts look to people.

I combined my breast augmentation with other procedures I wanted to have done (rhino, bleph, and some light lipo) so I can’t be sure which pains go with which procedure! That was better, in a way, because I didn’t think any particular aspect of the surgery was a mistake or hate anything I’d done; it was just “recover and move forward” for me.

For the first week after the procedure I don’t think I did anything. I just laid on the couch in agony (yes, it was AGONY). My husband cooked for me and tried to do the little things I needed but I also think he felt helpless and didn’t know exactly what I wanted most of the time. He couldn’t take away my pain so that didn’t help either.

Recovery-wise, three weeks later I still have some swelling and my nipples are very sore. I have some cooling gel to help with some the sensitivity, combined with regular old Tylenol. I’ve now stopped massaging my boobs though, since this was contributing to the pain and bruising I have (and I was only supposed to do this for a week or two anyway... I was just paranoid and hyper vigilant!).

I am looking forward to getting my sensations back to normal and having a more normal-looking appearance as well. But assuming all that goes well, I am very happy with my breast augmentation! (See my other reviews for thoughts on my other procedures)

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