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So I have just booked to have my initial consult...

So I have just booked to have my initial consult with a plastic surgeon! I feel like I am rushing in to this a little but if I am moving interstate soon and would like to do it before I go. I got my referral yesterday and seeing the surgeon for my initial consult on Monday - eep!!!!

I don't hate my boobs entirely.. they haven't really sagged or anything and aesthetically I do like them. I just can't handle the pain anymore. I exercise and have core strength but am to the point where I have to wear a heavy duty sports bra daily to not get pain. Also shopping for bras/clothes is a nightmare that I can't wait to be rid of!

I suppose we will see what happens from here..

So I think I'm going to do it!!

Everything went well at the consult - I knew most of the information already thanks to the lovely ladies on here :) I didn't know they sent your tissue away to be tested for cancer - that is a brilliant idea! He said I can get down to a large C or D cup which will be great! The cost is a little overwhelming and it would have been much cheaper if I had private health insurance but it is a 12 month wait period as it's a 'pre-existing condition'. I'm looking at around the $12,000 mark and would have been more $8000's with health insurance.. however I don't think I can wait a year, and will have to spend roughly $1000 for the years worth of eligible cover. So - I think I am just going to do it! I'm going to call the surgery on Monday and see when they have available surgery dates...... and possibly book in! Eep. I'm super excited. I was talking to my sister today and after the surgery we will be the same size! I haven't taken any before pictures but will attach one that kind of shows the size in clothing..

Booked in

So I booked my surgery date today - 12th August! Which is really soon! Haha :)

I'm pretty excited. I'll need to start getting a bit more prepared! I own zero front opening shirts.

6 Weeks til Op!

So I'm excited and I want the time to just hurry up and go by! I can't wait to wear just a normal bra and not be in pain. I feel like I have been living in this stupid extra supportive sports bra with my boobs squished to my chest for so long now.. I'm sick of monoboob!

I have been sent all of my hospital admission forms/preop blood test and it's really starting to feel real and I couldn't be happier. My partner is taking off a week to help me out but I'm hoping he doesn't need to take care of me for too long - I am pretty stubborn on being self sufficient and feel bad putting other people out.

I have found some older clothed photos (I still haven't taken any.. it's too cold to take my top off haha!) but will before I go in to surgery!


I didn't wear my stupid sports bra for one day. ONE DAY... and I am in back pain agony. Five and a bit weeks to go..

Come at me heat packs <3

30 days to go!

Man the time is going by quickly... I am a little nervous about it. I was just ill for two days and bed ridden and I couldn't stop thinking about how much worse I may be after the op :\

18 days to go! Couple of questions I'm not sure on..

So just under three weeks to go.. And I don't have my next pre-op appt until next Monday.. It's my partners birthday on Friday and I'm thinking it's best if I don't drink if we go out with friends (Friday will be the 2 weeks mark). Does anyone have any recommendations for foods I should be eating, or things to start doing from this point onwards to help with healing etc? Exercises, special diets? I vaguely remember reading something about pineapples and vitamin C?

2 weeks today!!!

This time in two weeks I will be in my recovery room in the hospital!! Time has gone so fast! I still need to get a few things such as post op bra.. But mainly they are things I want to talk to the PS about at my appointment on Monday. I feel like I'll be post op before I know it! Excuse my blurred out tattoo in this photo :P I usually bodgy photoshop them out for here haha.

Pre-Op Appointment!

I went to my final pre-op appointment before my surgery (11 days away!) this afternoon. Everything went really well and my PS answered heaps of my questions for me. I should be arriving on the 12th at midday and getting started at around 2PM (depending on how the prior surgeries in the hospital are going). He said I should be awake but will be drowsy in the evening before visiting hours finish. The next day if all goes well I can be discharged late morning.. after 10am some time.

He said my dressings are waterproof as long as they aren't lifting so I can shower! This makes me super happy! I will still get my partner to help me as I have bought a trigger spray hose that attaches to bathtub tap - which should make life easier (I'll attach a photo - can also be used for dog washing afterwards). He said I don't need to start a special diet and an occasional alcoholic beverage would be okay.. I'm going to try and eat really well between now and then though and won't be drinking at all. He also mentioned to stop Vitamin C at 10 days prior (which is tomorrow). I have read conflicting information about this but will be good and do as my PS tells me :) I asked him about drains and he said it is rare that he does them but occasionally they are needed.

I'm hoping I am okay with the steristrips, I do get a rash from some bandaids (usually the really adhesive fabric ones). I think I might buy some from the chemist and just see how I go with them after a couple of days.

Interesting article on pre op foods


If anyone wants to read an interesting article about how eating potato, tomato and aubergine/eggplant prior to surgery can affect metabolism of anaesthetic!

4 days to go and the emotional rollercoaster has begun!

I honestly couldn't even imagine how quickly this time would pass! I'm so anxious then excited over and over again. I'm just trying to keep busy and keep my mind of everything and also making lists of things I need to remember.

Oh and I paid the remainder of the hospital / theatre fees today!

It's all getting so real..

All done! Woohoo

This will be brief as I'm super drowsy but out of surgery and all went well! Super happy with the size so far and from what I can see they look amazing :) still have dressings on so can't see a whole lot. I feel lighter already!!

Will update more when I am feeling a bit more able :)


My Op Day Story

Alright so it's been about 24 hours since I woke up from my op!

I got to the hospital at midday yesterday and was taken straight up to my private room (woohoo) with my menu card to choose what wanted for dinner and breakfast. On the dinner card you could select Red Wine, White Wine or Beer which I thought was pretty funny. I chose an arrangement of foods for dinner encase I didn't feel like certain things after the anaesthetic. The nurses sat with me and filled out lots of paperwork.

I waited in my room and at about 1PM the anaesthetist came in followed by my PS and told me I would be going in at about 1:30PM. When my bed was getting wheeled down the corridor I was thinking "is it too late to back out!?" hahaha... I was terrified! I sat in a little curtained off section next to the theatre for about five minutes where I had a heat pack blanket placed on me then got wheeled in to theatre, and moved on to the theatre table. The nurse strapped me up with brain monitoring equipment, some leg compressing gear (squeezes your legs every now and then) and the blood pressure band.. Then the anaesthetist gave me some happy gas as I'm terrified of needles, put in the cannula and that was that.. I remember nothing else! I woke up at 4:30PM, did not feel nauseous at all.. Just drowsy. I was in a bit of pain so was given some endone and about ten minutes later got taken up to my room where my partner and mother in law were :)

I had a little bit of an appetite but not much.. Ate the chocolate mousse first haha. Peeked at my new boobies and expressed my love for them while still drugged up.

I started getting tired at about 8pm but really didn't sleep very well sitting upright, it wasn't until a nurse brought me in a pillow under my legs that really helped. I also had to turn the TV on low with my face mask on as the corridors were noisy with patients getting up through the night.

The PS came by in the morning, checked my waterproof bandages were in tact and said I could shower. I do have some bleeding showing in the bandages but he said that was fine and I will have my dressings changed on Monday. My partner came and he helped me have a shower before I left and then stopped at a pharmacy on the way home to fill my scripts and here I am!

First Post Op Appointment

So I went to my first post op appointment today, he saw my waterproof dressings were still in tact and said he will leave them as is til next week. I still haven't seen my nipples/incisions as yet due to the bandages.. They do have some bleeding on them which is mostly from the first night and hasn't seeped since then but he said everything looks great so far.

I have just been taking it easy, I stopped taking endone at the first day post op as it made me feel gross and have since just been having panadol. I also have been taking cephalexin which was prescribed by the hospital to keep any infections away.

In general I really don't feel too bad! Sleeping on my back sucks and I have a "barrier pillow" between my partner and I as he tends to get very unconsciously cuddly during the night and would likely whack or grab my boobs accidentally hahahahaha. Also I still have a bit of swelling.. But can't see any bruising (I don't ever really bruise though).

I'll try and take some better photos when I can :)

More piccies

Here's some better photos :P

Day 5 Post Op

So far so good! I honestly feel fine, very minimal pain.. I just am trying to stay still to let myself heal! Occasionally I get a stabby zappy pain in one if my boobs somewhere that feels like an electric shock but that's about the worst of it.

I'm almost finished my antibiotics which I've had to set alarms for as I'm useless with remembering! Have gone on a couple of little car trips to the shops with my partner (he drives I sit haha) and lunch with friends.

So far so good :) I have a bit of a high pain threshold so I don't know if that pain level is normal. It's hard feeling like I can do things physically but forcing myself not to!

I tried sleeping flat on my back last night but had a terrible sleep until I propped myself up again.

1 Week Post Op!

So yesterday was my 1 week mark! My waterproof bandages were starting to feel very itchy skin I messaged my PS and he advised to carefully take them off but leave the steristrips in place... So I did! Everything came off easily enough (slowly lol) and I'm happy with what I can see! My nipples.. one has feeling, the other just tingles haha. The steristrips have been lifting a bit today so I am just trying to keep them down til my appointment on Monday.

1 Week Post

Forgot to upload

10 Days Post Op

I had my second post op appointment today, all went smoothly! My tape got taken off (some was pretty stuck!) and new tape put on.. I'm a bit stingy now but apart from that all is going well!

I have noticed my memory is shit since the op which I wasn't expecting haha. Oh well..

Still swollen but the bruising is going away. I'll try and get pics in better lighting soon :)

2.5 Weeks Post Op

I went back to work today.. Which was a little exhausting but mostly fine! Super glad that I took two weeks off, even though I could have done very light take last week I think the rest is worth having.

I feel mostly fine a little sore around my incisions and zappy pains occasionally.. Still making sure I don't lift too much.

My left nipple is still numb and my right is awake and happy so fingers crossed lefty plays soon too, although I'm not that concerned!

No one at work has seemed to try and be too invasive as to why I was off for two weeks so that is also a bonus :)

3 Weeks Post Op!!!

This will just be quick as I don't have much time.. But week 3 today woohoo!!

This week at work has been exhausting (even without doing much) so I am ready for the weekend :) I have been in a little pain this week, almost a burning feeling which I think may be a reaction to the tape? I sometimes get a reaction with adhesives so I have taken my dressings off and will give the incisions a days rest before either applying more micropore or maybe start on using silstrip! I also noticed state ends of my underneath incisions they are a bit lumpy so maybe it's internal stitches?

I'm pretty happy with how my incisions look!! :)

Okay time to rest.. Happy healing beautiful ladies!

Couple more pics

..and some close ups of incisions :) sometimes the other photos may look a bit funny at the bottom sorry (tattoo cover dodgy photoshopping haha)

Siltape Update/Information :)

So I have been using a product called Siltape since Sunday - it is an Australian product and is a silicone tape. The instructions are to apply after using an alcohol wipe and to leave on for between 8 - 24 hours a day and to remove when showering. It advises to work up to wearing it for a longer period but to be honest I have had no issues.

I have been a bit naughty and have left it on when showering - I have read some people get a reaction if they do this but I have not had any issues. The same piece is reusable as long as it remains sticky - which is usually 4-7 days (I have taped the ends down on the underneath incisions to keep them in place if they keep peeling up). I intend on changing it every 5 days and have a break day before reapplying, and massaging oil on that day instead.

The tape is very easy to apply and remove! It seems to be keeping everything very secure and flat and is very soft and squishy which is nice for a little added padding on the incisions too :P

It isn't cheap to buy - but I think it is very reasonable compared to the price of silicone sheeting which also loses its stick eventually anyway! It cost me $24 per roll, and I bought two rolls - a 2cm x 3m and a 4cm x 1.5m. They are the same price but it seems the texture of them is slightly different. The 4cm width seems much stickier (and a little thicker?) than the 2cm width, and the 2cm width has little circles all over it and also seems a bit thinner. If I need to purchase any more I will buy the 4cm width and cut it in half to be 2cm width when I cut my strips. This is easy to do as there is a plastic sheeting you need to peel to apply the tape. I haven't tested doing this on the bottom incisions yet but I think it will adhere alot better.

If anyone has any questions about this product - feel free to ask! From what I have seen on australian plastic surgery forums it does an amazing job with scarring, so I'm keen to see the results myself :) :)

6.5 weeks!!

So sorry I have been quiet.. busy back at work! I feel pretty much well back to normal! Really no pain, can sleep properly etc. I am still wearing supportive bras but this has really been a breeze!

SILTAPE - TAKE IT OFF TO SHOWER hahahaha. It says that for a reason :P It lifted a little and some water got trapped in there for about 6 hours and it went all red and shiny. It cleared up fine but I was scared I'd given myself an infection of some kind.. so do not do that!!! I'm just going to use it at night time or alternate using it and tape.

My scarring is healing really well though!! Everything looks amazing :) Will try and take some photos when I get a chance!
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