Just Started on Oratane, Nervous As Anything - Wagga Wagga, AU

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Hey everyone, I'm a 15 year old male from...

Hey everyone, I'm a 15 year old male from Australia. I started getting acne about 5 months ago and by this stage it has turned really bad. I have those cysts on both my cheeks running up towards my ears. They got a little better after I was perscribed Minocycline, but that had minimal results so I saw my dermatologist and was perscribed Isotretinoin. She has me on 10 mgs once a day and I started last Friday, so I've been on them five days so far. After reading some of the reviews, I'm a bit worried that I am on too low a dosage. I have a school formal in exactly one month, but if my acne doesn't clear up MUCH I probably won't go. Does anyone have any helpful tips or advice? I'm militant about moisturising and using lip balm, I've been that way since I first started breaking out. Nothing else has worked particularly well, so I'm keen for this to have good results :)
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