2 Sessions and Too Much Fat Loss with "Shawdows/lumpiness" on Thighs - Virginia, VA

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I am only 110 pounds and just wanted some...

I am only 110 pounds and just wanted some reduction in my thighs so trusculpt seems perfect given I was told it can work on any size person because it only takes a percentage of fat and that I could treat both my entire thighs so there would be very little taken off but from all around. This is a Radio Frequency device (Monopolar) that heats at temperatures 44-47 degrees to permanently kill fat cells. This seems perfect as I worked out all my life but could never quite make my thighs truly proportioned since my arms and waist etc...were so small. The office wanted to do the 2nd treatment just weeks after the first one so I had no time to see complete results before I had the second treatment. Well...now it is 4 months after the second treatment and there was much more fat loss than I anticipated. I sooooo wish I had had a chance to see the results before the second treatment. I was treated on both front and backs of both thighs at the highest temperature of 47 degrees. It really hurt but I was given a tranquilizer so I managed the pain because it was my understanding that the results would be better at higher temperatures but now I am thinking the temperature perhaps was too high for my amount of fat. I have no idea if this was normal or if I was treated at a temperature that was too high or perhaps the heat wasn't increased gradually enough. What I am really upset about is the "shadows and lumpiness" on my thighs now - especially in sunlight. It looks like I have cellulite now on the tops of my thighs and I am not even sure what it is. My silhouette looks fine but not in the light in shorts. There were 4 or 5 "knots" under my skin which have gone down a lot but a couple are still there with a small indent on the surface. I have read where this indicates that my tissue was heated too high. I am sure the knot will go away but because the treatment was at 47 degrees, this killed the fat cells so they will not come back and so I am fearful these results are permanent. Does anyone know if this will get any better? Since this treatment heats and tightens the skin....I am even more fearful when the tightening wears off (I now understand that the tightening effect is temporary which I did not know until after the treatments) and could things look even worse? Hope it will get better and I don't mind waiting but I fear they will not.

5 month later....irregularities are getting better but 1 significant driven remains

I can really see the benefit in this procedure because clearly the fat goes away....but just be careful. The good news is that I saw my doctor and he is really seems genuinely interested and is working with me. He agrees that we should not do the last treatment and even offered to refund for the last treatment. I am more interested though in the fronts of my thighs smoothing out. He asked me to come back after 6 months. The place where I had the biggest knot is the exact place where I now have an impression or divet so hopefully this will correct with more time. There are more issues with the left leg than right which is interesting because there were different operators for each leg. Ok....fingers crossed and will update next month.

Ok...I have waited for 6 months now and no improvement...the dents are permanent.

I have waited and hoped and waited and hoped. The indentations and irregularities are not getting any better. I waited 6 full months as I was asked to do. I have spent a ton on professional massage and am going to the gym religiously in hopes of improvement. I haven't been able to wear shorts all summer because it looks worse in the sunlight. In the pics, you can see where the biggest "knot" was (that lasted 4.5 month). When it finally faded, it left a divot/indentation that I am being told will need fat graphs just to improve the situation...I am so tired. My doctor asked me to come back after 6 months to see if it got any better.... but I am so discouraged now.

First series of Fat graphing done

My doctor has been kind and acknowledges that the staff placed the heat levels too high for my size. Their doing a series of fat graphs for the worst areas on front and side of thigh. Graphs to the smaller irregularities could do more harm than good I am told. I am one down and going in for my second! Still tingly sensations when I sit for a long time.....neurologist said this is peripheral nerve issues that hopefully will heal. Fingers crossed and will update when graphs are complete next month.

Fat grafts continue - long road but Biggest dent improving

I have to wait 2 months between multiple grafts but the largest dent is better as you can see in the first pic. The other larger dent was treated by harvesting around the dent. Had second grafts yesterday and bruised and sore like the first time and hoping the discolorations will fade. Doctor gave me a cream to try to lighten these areas. Also using a numbing cream for the tingling sensations so I can monitor healing process for the nerves without blockers. Bothers me when I sit still but told it can take a year for nerves to heal. The smaller dents/irregularities are more noticeable when I stand (second picture) and still won't wear shorts to gym. I am 50 but athletic so laxity has always been decent for my age but too much and irregular fat removal looks bad when I stand (see pic). Pls let me know if anyone has an idea of what could help tighten and smooth all of this out after the grafts are done in spring....cause I plan to wear shorts this summer!!

10 month later on this looooong road

My regular doctor and neurologist wanted me to wait for the third fat graphs until the tingling sensation (nerve damage) was better and the discolorations improved so I took the summer OFF. Unfortunately that meant not wearing shorts either but I agree that the nerve issues were the most important. The sensations are much better. I have been working with a personal trainer to build muscles to help with volume and shape as much as I can but the volume taken was as if I had severe liposuction on the front of my thighs rather than the nominal effect I was told I would have. I would have never opted for lipo because I did not have enough fat...I just wanted a slight contouring effect. This has been a huge ordeal and I have been pretty depressed at times but at least the surgeon is telling me he will continue to be there for me to fat graph the uneven areas. I will post pictures in a couple of weeks after my third session. I appreciate all of the support on this site as it helps stay optimistic and Pls remain weary of these devices. See you soon!
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