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I had my TT on 10/18/12. I am just easing back...

I had my TT on 10/18/12. I am just easing back into my exercise routines and wanted to pass along a tip! I lift weights 3 x a week, 45-60 minutes each session, and I do cardio 2-3 x a week. I am still wearing my binder almost 24/7, mainly because of the sense of security it gives me. However, when exercising, whether weight training or cardio, I wear two binders! One underneath my clothing and one over my clothing! This works FABULOUSLY. My abs are held in tightly and effortlessly, and I don't even get a twinge of pain or discomfort during any of my routines! Had I thought of this two weeks ago, I would have started back then! Have lifted weights twice and cardio once using the two binders. Best idea I ever had so I am passing it along to all of you!!!

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