Regretting a Fresh Tattoo - Virginia, VA

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Here goes. Much like many others in this nifty...

Here goes. Much like many others in this nifty little community, I have a one month old blob of a coverup tattoo on my shoulder and chest. The original tattoo is only about three months old. I'm so dumb. The original tattoo wasn't bad, but was unfinished and definitely had some flaws. The guy said to let it heal and come back if he needed to touch anything up. So it healed and I wasn't hating it but there were pieces that I didn't love. The design was good, but the execution, not so good. So anyway, I wanted to see about fixing a few spots and adding more on my shoulder eventually. I go back to the place, and they had closed down! In a matter of a week after getting the first tat! Argh! So I thought and thought about it and decided I would go to another (more reputable) shop in my area. He said the only thing he could do was a coverup and if he tried to fix some other guys work, it would look worse. He even told me in the beginning"why don't you get it layered a few times, then cover it" I was like "yea right" I do not want to get into that mess. I said let's just cover it. I had ideas that I liked, but none would work with the design to make the coverup look good.

Finally after a few days, I settled (yep, key word there...settled) on a design three to four times bigger than the original. He said it had to be much bigger to cover the old one well. Stupid me, and my impulsive nature said lets do it! Stupid, stupid, stupid. So I let him throw it on me and go at it. We only had time for the outline, shading and heavy black blobs over the old black. i said i would come back in two weeks for color. i was hopeful color would make it awesome. It's all black with a little blue from the first tat. It's prob 8 x 7 in size and its horrible. The artist is great..he really is but it's not me and its not going to look amazing with color. I hate it. I hate myself so much for doing this. I haven't eaten or slept. I'm depressed more than ever. It's constantly on my mind. I'm usually a happy, goofy and positive person. Not anymore. I usually go to the gym 4 times a week...I haven't even been in weeks. I don't want to hang out with anyone anymore. I'm embarrassed and ashamed. I'm hopeful laser removal will work. I went to two consultations. Both doctors seem positive about it. They said because its so new and mainly black, it should be successful. I have to have sessions split in half. So I will go every two weeks for each half. So I will be going essentially with 4 weeks between sessions. This has destroyed my self esteem. My husband just says he wants "me" back. I want me back. Im even having to change my wardrobe because of my stupidity! Anyway, I'm blabbering. So glad I found this community and I'm seeing similar stories.

Lazered. Not layered as mentioned previously!

Lazered. Not layered as mentioned previously!

First session tomorrow! Since my tat is pretty...

First session tomorrow! Since my tat is pretty big, I am just going for half tomorrow and the other half two weeks later. I will be going every four weeks, but from what I read, maybe I should be going every six. I don't know which is best. I'm just listening to what the doctor told me. Anyway, I'm hopeful, very hopeful. I'm just really nervous about the pain, although I usually do well with pain...this place uses the chiller machine for pain control. We'll see how it goes

Just got home from my first treatment for one half...

Just got home from my first treatment for one half of my tat. The actual lasering wasn't too bad. It was somewhat better than I had anticipated. My doctor uses the chiller, and it really helps. I wasn't prepared for my 45 minute drive home though. Holy crap! I had the most intense burning and throbbing for about 20 to 30 minutes. It was like my armed was being torched! It was so bad. It made me a little nauseated for sure. That part was worse than the actual treatment. I really hope this is normal. I'm home now getting ready for a nap. The burning is just minimal and I have a little soreness there, but I can definitely live with it! I'm so happy to have my first half treatment down. I know it's going to be a lengthy process, but I can see some light now that I have gotten the process underway!

Ok, so I know I still need to add pictures. I will...

Ok, so I know I still need to add pictures. I will do it soon. So, yesterday was treatment 1. A few hours after I noticed small blisters all over the area big deal..this is normal, I didn't freak out. Four hours later, I proceed to change my dressing, and...OH MY GOSH HUGE BLISTERS! I'm talking a half inch to bigger blisters. There were about four of them. Immediately, I cried. I was reversing in my head and going back to thinking why in the hell did I ever decide to get this massive blob of a tattoo! I started freaking that maybe those huge blisters arent normal. It took hours to just calm down, finally I slept. So, today the blisters were still huge all day long. Hopefully they will go down soon. Nothing really hurts though, the whole area is slightly tender, but I went on like I normally and really had no pain. Anyway, the great news is that I have noticed a really nice amount of fading in one area in particular. It looks so different! Seeing that one inch area of significant fading has given me so much hope! This thing might actually be gone in a year. What a roller coaster of emotions. Laser tattoo removal ain't for babies, that's for sure!

One week since treatment one. All blistering has...

One week since treatment one. All blistering has gone down, and now have lots of peeling. I'm feeling so optimistic about how much fading I've already noticed! I feel like it may be too good to be true! Go for first treatment on other half of tattoo March 7th. Will keep updated...

Oh my gosh! Just had first session on second 1/2....

Oh my gosh! Just had first session on second 1/2. It was rough...real rough. This part is on partially on my chest and very close to my armpit. I almost had to make him stop, but I got through it...sweating and clenching. Again, the after burn and throbbing are the worst. It's been almost two hours and its still throbbing some. I have an ice pack on it now. I'm feeling good knowing that my first full treatment is done. Trying to keep a positive outlook!

Yesterday was first treatment on other half. I...

Yesterday was first treatment on other half. I took the bandage off last night, and wow. The owl has faded drastically! Way more than I thought it would. I am so excited about the progress after just one treatment! Trying to not get my hopes up too much though. It's really sore and still very red and swollen today. I have blisters, but none as big as the other half. I will add a pic of the owl part. It seems too good to be true that I had this much fading, but I'm thrilled about it!

Adding new pics. It's been one week since last...

Adding new pics. It's been one week since last treatment. It's still a little red, slightly swollen and peeling. So itchy too. Some lines have already disappeared. Amazing! Next treatment on the 28th. I dread the pain, but its worth it knowing this will be gone.

One thing I've been meaning to add. I forgot! The...

One thing I've been meaning to add. I forgot! The blue isn't doing anything. He zaps it with the laser, but it never blisters or hurts or anything after. The skin remains the same in the blue each time. I'm afraid it may not fade. The Dr said he may need to eventually change the wavelength to treat the blue. Think I'm gonna start having another tattoo removed too that I've not cared for for years (a mistake at 18). Will keep updating!

Going for session two on half of my tat tomorrow....

Going for session two on half of my tat tomorrow. It's been six weeks since first session. I hope to see as good results as I did from my first session. Will post pics! The closer summer is getting, the harder it's getting to deal with my mistake. Oh we'll, it's just one summer!

Sitting here after my session icing my arm! The...

Sitting here after my session icing my arm! The pain wasn't quite as bad this time. Still completely sucked, but not terrible. Hoping to remove this bandage and see more vanishing ink! Gonna chill and watch some tv and love on my family! (My hubby and dog) Will post pics in a few days if there is enough fading!

Day four after treatment 2. Still have it bandaged...

Day four after treatment 2. Still have it bandaged today. There are still quite a few blisters and swelling. I think the doctor tweaked the wavelength a bit this time for the blue. Omg, the itching is almost unbearable this time. It's awful! I haven't noticed near as much fading this time. Will post pics once its healed! Go again on the 25th for another zap! Trying to stay optimistic!

It's been 12 days since last treatment. Still a...

It's been 12 days since last treatment. Still a little scabby and peeling. Keeping it as moisturized as possible. Feeling very down today about this damn abomination of a tattoo. Even though I've had quite a bit of fading, I realize it may never completely go away. I just beat myself up over making such a quick and dumb decision. I've been doing a lot better lately, but I'm just not the happy person I used to be. I was telling my husband tonight about how I can't even look at myself naked anymore or even feel good enough to be with him. Somehow, I think he thinks I'm less sexy or just ugly now. I hate this so much. He still sees me as the same person, but I don't feel it myself. Ugh...trying to stay positive and realize that life goes on. The hard thing is that every damn piece of clothing I own shows this horrible mess. Think I'm gonna go clear my head and meditate. I need to reflect on all the positive in my life rather than this huge looming negative mistake.

Been a little over two weeks since last treatment....

Been a little over two weeks since last treatment. Still itchy and a few tiny scabs. Have noticed more fading. So happy about it. I'm starting to think about coverup ideas if I want to go that route. I liked the concept of the original tattoo so much, I may get the same type of thing done again..(by someone really good). Posted a pic of arm part, going for owl section treatment two next Thursday. For some reason the red is hanging in there's from the old tattoo. I thought red was supposed to go quick.

Going tomorrow for another treatment. Getting...

Going tomorrow for another treatment. Getting nervous already. The chest part (owl) hurts much worse than the arm. :/ Thank goodness it will only last fifteen minutes or so. Got my ice packs ready to put on right after. So glad to get another treatment out of the way...just a bummer I will be wrapped up all weekend. Will post pics soon.

Still healing...very peely and scabby. Today I'm...

Still healing...very peely and scabby. Today I'm having a pity party for myself. I don't expect sympathy, I just have to get it out. Actually went to the gym today, and saw so many people in their tank tops and clean skin. I have to admit, I'm a little jealous. If I could just go back to that day I made this decision, I think I would do anything. Ugh.... I know I can't, what's done is done. I have to live with it. I could have some debilitating disease or be handicapped. I do realize there are much worse things! That's what keeps me going! Just getting my feelings out. My hubby is tired of hearing it!

Gearing up for next treatment #3

Next removal May 28th. I Canceled the last one to move it out another two weeks. This will be the start of session 3. Hopefully this time, the doctor will start doing removal on another tattoo I don't like. I'm excited about getting another removal, and slowly saying bye bye to a big mistake. Will post pics after!

The start of treatment 3

Just got home from treatment 3 on the first half. It was horrible this time. I didn't think I was going to make it...he asked if I needed a break. I was dying for one, but just told him to go on. I don't rest for breaks because I just want it over! It was almost unbearable this time. I really hope this was the worst one, but I have an idea it's not. Bring on the post removal depression...ugh. I still am keeping a positive attitude though because one day, somehow this piece of shit tattoo will be gone!

Third treatment=hugest blisters ever!

Last night I had big blisters, but today, holy crap! These are the biggest blisters I have ever had. I think the doc must have cranked up the wavelength a big because it was the most painful session! I had to post pics to show the harsh reality of laser removal! These are really gross by the way!

2 weeks since last session, going in again tomorrow for other half!

It's been two weeks since last treatment. I have noticed more fading! After tomorrow, treatment three on both parts will be in the past! Feeling great, just nervous about that 15 minutes of ridiculous pain! I really just want tomorrow evening over with! Will post pics after full treatment #3 is healed!

Treatment three done and healed!

I've noticed much more fading since my last treatment on the owl. I'm so excited about it. I can't wait to get it gone and start looking into a cover up. I don't think I want to wait it out to gt it completely gone, as I still have a love for tattoos. I've been wanting another one badly, but it's prob the best idea that I wait until this one is done with. I'm going out on the lake today on the boat with about ten of our friends. Some still don't know I'm having tattoo removal. They will surely know as I sit there in my swimsuit and tshirt. It's going to be a hot TN day and beautiful day for the lake. I usually stay in the sun and get in the water but not this summer. It will still be fun regardless, but again it makes me regret this mistake more. Well, here's a pic of the most recent treatment. I'm supposed to go on Monday for my start of treatment #4. Not sure if I want to keep it or move it. My last treatment on that section hurt terribly and blistered the worst ever, I'm just not sure that my skin might need six weeks as opposed to four. It's hard to decide because I want it done as quickly as possible, but don't want to add too much trauma to my skin. I guess I will have the weekend to decide. Happy Saturday everyone!

Tomorrow marks the start of treatment #4!

I never thought I would be this far, but tomorrow I start my fourth treatment! Bring on the fading! I hope it's not as painful as the last...either way, it's one step closer to saying goodbye forever to this ink!

Healing slowly

I have my next treatment on the 29th! I can't step closer. I'm still scabbed from my last treatment. I seem to be healing slower this time. I've recently been diagnosed with Lyme Disease, and I have to take 4 antibiotics a day. I wonder how this will all effect my sessions as well as healing. I'm so glad to have a diagnosis because I've felt horrible for months. I will add a pic of my latest treatment. I think I have noticed some additional fading. It gets kind of hard to tell sometimes once the whole tattoo keeps getting lighter.

Next treatment postponed for at least one month :(

Called my Dr today and asked about antibiotics and laser removal. He said I have to wait until I'm done with antibiotics completely. Unfortunately, that will be a month at least. Ugh. I guess it will give my skin plenty of healing time though, so I guess it's a good thing. Hopefully, I won't have to continue on meds further than that. I'm still keeping a positive attitude, especially as I look back at my "before treatment" photos. I am so happy for my drastic fading!

Finishing up #4

So, on Monday I will go back to get the owl zapped and treatment #4 is done. I can't believe its come so far already. I have noticed some light scarring right in the area of the most dense part of the coverup. I've been trying to use scar cream here. In the end, I am much happier with some light scarring than having this ugly tattoo! I am in a much better place mentally as treatments go on. I still get the post treatment depression for a few days after, but I'm coping so much better than before starting laser treatments! Excited for #5 and lots more fading.

Onward to treatment #5!

6 days ago was my last treatment. It hurt less this time, which is great considering all I have is the cool air machine. Still scabbed and tender right in the dense part of the owl wing. I go back on the 17th of Sep. to start #5. I'm so excited to think of it being gone. I want my life back. I don't get down about it like I used to, I just often think about all the lifestyle changes I've made because of the tattoo. Everything I do is centered around trying to cover the damn thing up. I survived summer though, and it wasn't too bad. I have a new wardrobe of tshirts, that's for sure. I put all of my cute little tank tops to the back of the closet this summer because I knew I wouldn't dare wear them. I've never been more excited for fall than I am this year because I know I can start to wear clothes that cover everything, I'm hoping by next summer I will be back to myself. It's been such a long journey so far, and I do still have a while to go. I'm seriously considering finding a Picosure laser to maybe get removals done. What's a three hour drive anyway?! I've posted a pic of the latest fading!

Almost healed

Just a few tiny scabs from my last treatment, and I'm getting ready for #5. I'm so ready. I've decided I'm going to make the three hour drive for Picosure. I have emailed a dermatologist in Charlotte, NC about getting in. The doctor has had great reviews, so I'm so excited about it. My husband said he would go with me, so that would be great! I'm just impatient I guess and just can't wait to get it gone. I would like to get pregnant soon, and would like all this tattoo mess taken care of! If I keep going with the q switched, it might take another 8 or 9 months which would be fine if I was not wanting to become pregnant. :/

Getting Picosure treatment!

I have a consult/treatment appointment Sep. 30th for Picosure in Charlotte, NC. I can't wait. I really hope it's worth it. I'm nervous about the expense though, especially with the size of my tattoo. I've saved money so I can afford to have it done! The office I called seemed very nice. I'm now wondering if something has went bad at my normal removal place. I was originally supposed to get treated today, and they called and said the were having "scheduling issues" and they will call back to reschedule me. Weird. They still haven't called. Who knows? If I have excellent results with Picosure, I will continue going to Charlotte for all my treatments going forward. Will post pics after treatment!

First picosure treatment tomorrow!

I'm getting very excited for my first picosure treatment tomorrow. I've heard it hurts less which is great. I may opt out of numbing if they have the cooling machine that I'm used to. I emailed a picture to the doctor, and she said she would do the whole thing for $750. This is a lot of cash, but if it means it will put me closer to getting back my sanity, I'm all in. Hopefully I will be posting some pics of some nice fading soon!

I survived Picosure!

So, yesterday I had my first treatment with Picosure. Overall, it hurts less than the q switched. I'm used to having 1/2 of the tat lasered in one appt. The doctor lasered the whole thing, and took her time. It has already faded some, and I can't wait to see what it looks like in a few weeks after healing. The doctor is so sweet, she went ahead and did another tattoo I've hated for years, and she did it free of charge! I couldn't believe she said she would go ahead and do it for free! This tattoo has lightened up drastically! I didn't have a before pic of it, but she took one. Once she emails me a pic of it, I will include it in my review. It definitely took that one down half way! It's amazing! It's hard to see the real fading with all the swelling and blistering. I am extremely swollen, more so than ever before, however has less blistering than ever before. My opinion of Picosure so far is that it's definitely worth it. I will be able to tell more in a few weeks. I'm so excited about it. My doctor was by far the nicest, and most professional doctor I've ever been to. She is very laid back and honest, and seems very genuine. I would recommend anyone go to Saluja Cosmetic and Laser Center in Charlotte, NC. She really impressed me with her personality and friendliness. I think I might be sticking with her for future treatments, even though it's 3 1/2 hours away. I will post pics once I start to heal!

Forgot to mention...

Another thing I meant to mention, is that she said she was going to go very hard on me on my first treatment, she turned up the laser a bit more than she normally would. I still survived with just the cooling machine. She offered numbing, but I didn't want it. It's definitely still tolerable with just cool air. The old one on my back though hurt terribly! Terribly! I admit I cried a bit on that one. It's never been treated, so it was very dense and so incredibly painful. It only took a couple minutes though. Thank goodness for the cooling machine!

Having mixed emotions

So, it's almost been a week since my removal with Picosure. I'm having mixed emotions about the effectiveness of the laser on my skin. My tattoo has faded some, but not at all what I was imagining. I know it will continue to lighten over the next few weeks, but probably not much. I'm willing to have another treatment though and see how it goes. I'm tired of feeling ugly and insecure over this. In a few months, I will have had this tattoo for a year, and it's crazy how this ink has set me back in terms of self esteem. I'm usually pretty positive, but today I'm feeling a little blue about it all. Sometimes you have to just allow yourself to have the blues. :/

Saying goodbye to a very old mistake, this one is a bit embarrassing

Here's the other tat being removed with Picosure. I've had it for eleven years and I've hated it for 9 years. What the hell was I thinking?! I've def made terrible tattoo decisions. I will post after treatment photos once I'm healed

Almost 2 weeks healed. Fading is happening!

It's been almost 2 weeks post-Picosure. I was a little upset that I didn't see much fading initially, but it's fading a bit more each day. A few lines are completely gone. I still was expecting more, but I'm thrilled with what fading I have had. The tattoo on my back has faded a lot, and hopefully it will be gone in three more treatments, hopefully less! I'm going back in November for another Picosure treatment. My doctor said she may turn it up a bit more the next time. So, here's to waiting about 4 more weeks! Bring on the fading!

Picosure #2 coming up!

So, I've decided to get another Picosure treatment. I'm going on the 26th. My total cost for 2 tattoo removals will come to $800. I've struggled with this decision, because I've recently lost my job, due to my boss retiring. I figured the $800 is well worth my sanity, especially since I have money saved. So, here's to treatment #6! I told myself I would give Picosure at least two chances. A place here right in my town is going to charge $600 for one tattoo at one treatment with a regular q switched laser. I'm getting two tattoos at $800 with the Picosure! I figure why not do Picosure again?! I will post pics after healing. I'm really getting excited for the possibilities of a cover up!

Results from Pico #2

Here is the result of Pico treatment #2. Its faded some, but I'm not getting the "wow" factor I expected. I'm still going to continue doing treatments with my same doctor. She is amazing! I asked her if she could use a q switched the next time since I had such excellent results before. She said she would R20 with a q switched, then Pico. I'm still thrilled with the fading. My 2nd tat doesn't have much longer though! I go back at thr end of this month. She said she wants me to wait 8 weeks between treatments. Anyway, here are my pics. Hope everyone is having a great Saturday.....I'm about to hit the treadmill!

Doing a side by side...

Getting zapped Feb. 6th!

I'm definitely driving the 3 hour drive for my next treatment but, glad to get another one underway. My doctor will first use a q switched laser, then use the Pico after a rest. I'm sure I will be a lot more swollen, but if it gets it gone, that's all I care about. It will be two months since my last treatment. With summer getting closer, it's harder to be patient!

Treatment 7.... Check!

Just got home from my third Picosure treatment. Today, she did r20 with the Pico. The second pass wasn't too bad at all, but oh the swelling! My shoulder feels like a piece of rubber. My back tattoo was hit again too, and it's also very sore today. I'm hoping that second pass with the laser will make a big difference. While, I was waiting, my doctor asked if she could do a laser treatment on my face to lighten up sun spots and freckles. She said all those treatments will be free if I agree to letting her use my pictures. She said people usually pay $300 a treatment for this procedure. After a few questions, I agreed. So, not only did both tats get zapped, so did my face! Its still a bit red, but she assured me it will be fine tomorrow. I absolutely love my doctor, and would recommend anyone go to her with any lasering/cosmetic needs. Anyway, here's a fresh pic of my tat. Will post again in two months to see full results.

Post treatment pic. 3 hours after treatment

One year anniversary of removal...

Yesterday marked exactly one year since I started removal! Not that I will be celebrating anything, but this past year has flown by quicker than I ever thought. I remember exactly how I felt this time last year, and thought that I had completely ruined my life, and that I will never see this dreadful tattoo gone. I think I did have unrealistic expectations though. I thought that in a year my tattoo would be completely gone, or almost gone. I would say I'm half way. So much has happened to me mentally in a year. I've never felt more down about myself in my whole life, nor have I ever been so critical on myself. I let myself gain weight, and just give up on the things I love. I love going to the gym, and hanging out with friends. I quit going to workout, and started puling away from friends and avoiding social situations. ALL FROM SOME STUPID TATTOO! What was I thinking? As the year has gone by, I've realized there is so much in my life to love and be thankful for! I have a great and loving husband, so many awesome friends, a job and a nice home. I do still get down about the ink, but it's no big deal! My friends and family love me the same regardless! I have so much in life, that many others don't. I'm going back to the gym again, and making the most of life. So, long story short....for those of you just starting removal, I know the horrible feelings and depression you are having. Look ahead and realize that in a year, maybe less for some, you will be in a much better mental state. I still won't show my tattoo to many people, but for the people that know what I'm going through, I use it as an educational tool about tattoo removal. People are always intrigued to know what it feels like, or how it's fading. The more people I show, the more comfortable I get because I'm not so concerned about hiding it. One day it will either be gone or covered, and this will be a distant memory.

Pico #3 pic

I'm posting a pic of all three Pico treatments. Unfortunately, I don't see much of a change since treatment #2. I told myself I would give Pico a chance, and if three treatments didn't make a big change, I'm moving on. I'm just not sure what to do from here. $800 per treatment and 6 hours on the road is not worth this little progress. I don't want to leave my doctor, but I'm going broke paying for this. Overall, I've had amazing fading, and I'm thrilled with it, but I may have to change directions. I saw much more progress with a q switched than I have seen with Pico. I had high hopes, but it's let me down a bit. Any ideas would be appreciated. I'm not sure where to turn at this point. I've read a bit about the Ruby and Medlite lasers, and I'm not sure if I may have better progress with that. I'm going to try to find someone in my area that has a standard laser, and start the consultations all over again. I'm not being down, I'm just being real. I'm very happy with the fading I've had in seven treatments. I'm just not where I thought I would be, and I'm getting rather impatient. It's hard to think that $2400 went down the drain for the tiniest little bit of fading.

Starting over with standard laser

I went today for a consultation in my city at a laser center. I can't believe what I was quoted per session. She said it would be $50 a treatment because it's so faded. I'm in shock, but in a good way. My only reservation is that it's not a doctor doing the removals, and there are two different laser techs. The good news is, I think they own their machine instead of renting it, and I looked through some photos of removals they have done. I told her what I was paying for Picosure, and she was in shock. I have my first removal here in two weeks. I can't wait to see my results. I still can't believe I will only pay $50 a treatment!

Something to ask the community

Does anyone know anything about the sandstone q switched yag laser? This is what I'm going to be treated with. I'm going to do some research also

Haven't been on here in a while

It's been a while since I've been on, and I thought I would update today. There isn't much to report, I haven't had anymore treatments since Feb. 6. I had an appt to have a removal with a q switched, but had to change the appt. I feel like I'm coming to the point where I may need a break from it all. My last three treatments with Picosure got me a bit down, and I haven't had the same excitement about removals since then. Here's to another summer of being covered I guess! I do have an appt scheduled for the 24th of April for a removal with a q switched. Hopefully, with 12 weeks of waiting, I will get some pretty good results.
My feelings of getting a cover up have changed. I'm almost thinking I want to go for full removal. I keep going back and forth with this decision. It isn't one I have to make right now though. Part of me wants a cover just to have this all over with, but I think a bigger part of me wants clean skin. I don't want to go get a cover just to have it over and done, I really want to make a decision I will be happy with forever. I guess I've got a while to consider the options though.

Another treatment completed!

So I just had my 8th treatment, and it hurt a bit less this time. The office I went to is right in my town, and they don't have a cooling machine! So, I did it with no pain control at all. Yikes! I got through it though with no breaks. The best part is that I can't believe I only paid $50! That's all they charged. After over $3,000 dumped into this mistake, it feels great to pay 50 bucks! I hope I see some fading this time around as it's been about 13 weeks since my last treatment. If the q switched laser does the trick, I will say bye bye to Picosure forever! I will post new pics once I start healing. Hope everyone is having a great day! :)

Finally seeing some real fading again!

I had my last treatment a few weeks ago with a regular old laser, and wah-lah! Fading! I was started to think I was at my end point when the Pico didn't work well. I will post another pic. That stubborn owl is just hanging in though, that's the part I really really need gone! That's where I've recently noticed a lot of fading tho. Results might not show as much in a picture, but is really see it myself! I will post another pic soon. Hope everyone's having a great day! I'm going to enjoy my day off!

Missing my community of tattoo regret friends

It's been a while since I've been on. It's summer and busy, and I haven't done much in the way of lasering, but I go next week for another treatment. I think this will be #9. It's hard to keep up! I hope they crank up the laser more this time. My owl is slowly going but I saw more fading after this last treatment! Yay! I have been tanning a bit, so it prob looks a little lighter than it actually is. I'm thrilled that I'm getting fading, and only paying 50 bucks! So here's my latest pic. I've missed looking at everyone's progress. I need to get back on here! Everyone have a great night! :)

Recent pic.

Just updated review, now it's gone! Oh well, here's a photo!

Ugh...not sure what's happening on this site tonight.
Dr. Allen

I have changed doctors. I now go to Dr. Raminder Saluja in Charlotte, NC. I pay $800 per treatment with the Picosure. She is treating two tattoos at once. She is amazing, and I would highly recommend her to anyone!

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