Restylane Caused a Line Down my Cheek

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I had restylane injections under eyes about 3...

I had restylane injections under eyes about 3 weeks ago. If left me with a small dent right below my right eye (inner)and also have a 2 inch line down cheek. My left eye looks a bit puffy and also formed a small line (making me look older) and more tired. Instead of dark circles now i have these lines down my cheeks that makes me look older.

All i want to know is will these lines go away once restylane wears off? I just have a feeling they are permanent. I was thinking about getting it removed but i'm afraid the stuff that dissolves it will destroy my own collagen (well that is what i read).

i'm lost for words here...i'm so depressed about it. I have called 3 other places trying to get them to look at me and no one will. They keep telling me to go back to my injector. But i didn't seem too assured with her answer. UGgg...i'm so frustrated!!! makeup won't cover it up...please someone have any advise?

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