23 YO, 2 Children, Considering Tummy Tuck and Breast Augmentation - Virginia

Hello, I am a 23 YO with 2 breastfed children. I...

I am a 23 YO with 2 breastfed children. I now have deflated breasts with stretch marks. I also have separated abdominal muscles and loose skin( my mom pouch) that I want to get rid of. Not sure if I would be able to get TT because I don't have THAT much skin that needs to be removed/can be removed. Definitely wanting my and muscles approximated. So self conscious of my tummy and dreaming of being comfortable to wear a bikini! I haven't had a consult yet, I plan to in July or Aug this year- I just really want to tone up and lose some weight first. Looking for some input. I live near Norfolk,VA.

Postop Day 2

So I went through with a tummy tuck and I am regretting it at the moment. I am healing well and it looks good but I feel terrible. The day of surgery I was in excruciating pain thinking I would not make it through this. It is now pistol day 2 and I am only taking Tylenol for pain. I have started having panic attacks and I feel off balance mentally. Help!!!

Belly Button After Tummy Tuck

Everything looks great except my ugly belly button. Will the sweeping go down?? Do you think there is any chance this belly button will look natural??
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