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47yr old Mom&Grandma I finally got serious...

47yr old Mom&Grandma I finally got serious & lost 68lbs by eating clean & working out. I had a belly flab I hated & couldn't get rid of! My breasts also went from D's to flat C's from weight loss. I had a lift w/420cc/undr muscle (mod plus) lollipop incision,lipo-hips,Muscle repair, TummyT

Bikini pics at 4 weeks

I'm updating the bikini pics, I don't know why it didn't show all the pic when I uploaded. I didn't know it at the time but I have a seroma on the right side that got aspirated (100cc's) that week. I'm going back again tomorrow (5wks) for another aspiration. These were also taken in the evening when I had more swelling and felt terrible but decided to take pics anyway and it lifted My spirits when I saw how I looked.

Updated pics

6 weeks post op pics!

6 weeks today and I feel great! I want to stop wearing the compression garments but I'm still swollen and I read that's the best way to help with that. I have experienced some tingling,burning,weird pain mostly on the right side of My tt scar but it's just from the nerves coming back. My breast implants have finally gone down and look pretty symmetrical and just yesterday I went to buy some workout clothes at Victoria secret. I'm at 34-36DD wow! My tummy is numb still and swollen but so far I can see My abs appearing little at a time. I'm going back to the Gym on Monday, yay! These pics are from last night (when the most swelling happens plus I'm a little bloated from pms) still I can't believe My tummy and how flat it looks and feels????

6.4 week update

I'm finally passed the 6th week, here's a few notes:
1. I'm still a little swollen & numb. My tummy isn't completely flat as I'd hoped by now. I have swelling above the incision and since I had muscle repair My muscle feels tender.
2. My scars are definitely getting lighter and don't itch anymore or sting anymore. I do get a sharp needle pain every now and then due to nerves coming back.
3. I can suck in My tummy and move around so much better now.
4. I'm no longer afraid of Sneezing and it doesn't hurt too bad but still feels weird and a little sore when I do sneeze. (Allergies) specially around the belly button.
5. I'm definitely able to sleep on My side but have to adjust myself because My implants will hurt a little in the cleavage area and I'm afraid to crush them or something. It's manageable though. (Pillow on my back)
6. I weigh the same as I did before and that's crazy to me because I had 7lbs of skin removed from My TT. Hmm.
7. I have to remember I don't have to hide My tummy anymore, specially in jeans. I also went and got new sport bras at Victoria secret and I'm wearing a 34-36DD!
8. I haven't gone to the gym yet but intend to go tomorrow. (Have to get over this current allergy attack) I will be doing some cardio (walking and stationary bike)
9. Sex is awesome.
10. I have so much more energy and don't tire easily anymore. I can definitely stand straight and arch my back a little but my tummy feels the pull.
11. I still drink a lot of water with lime juice through out the day and I think that's helped me with swelling and seroma I had.
12. I'm not wearing compression garments 24/7 anymore.

9 week update

Working out again feels great ???????? I'm working out 5 times a week and began at 7 weeks just doing cardio by my 8th week I began with weights again low weights (10 or below) and avoiding abs and chest. I hit the treadmill at 7 weeks and began with 1 mile walking at an incline then went up from there. I was in desperate need and still am in need of toning. Being at home all those weeks I got flabby but I'm glad my muscles reacted to the workout and I can see some improving. I also go in the sauna for 10-15 min for additional sweating and hopefully help with swelling. I don't feel like a balloon ready to pop anymore at night. My skin is pliable but I still feel the muscle tight underneath. Yesterday we went on a 7 mile hike and I know I over did it so my muscle underneath on the top is a little sore today. I will rest all day today and listen to my body. I'm still in recover for a while but everyday gets better. I haven't lost any weight I've been around the same. My scars are getting lighter also and I had a few little stitches under the breast that looked like pimples so I picked at them and discovered what they were. As soon as I cut them and scratched them they broke off and closed up, thank goodness! I'm using bio oil to moisturize the scars and give myself massages and it's helped. The lower part of back (hips) where I had lipo are still kind of numb so the massage helps. I'm not too thrilled about the progress there because I would of liked to see that a bit slimmer so I'm hoping it's still swelling. My tummy isn't completely flat still "lumpy" like small pinching where the muscle was repaired I guess and I hope that gets better too. I wear compression still (workout pants) but at night I'm free except for a brallette and pajama pants. ??????

Victoria Secret Bra's

I got measured at Victoria secret and I'm a 34 DDD or I can also wear 34 DD depending on style. Victoria secret has different sizing by the way. They are true to size if I buy a bra at say Target it would be a different size due to manufacturers.
Virginia Beach Plastic Surgeon

He won Me over in our first meeting. I was going to see one more doctor which came highly recommended by some ladies at the Gym. I'm all about gut feelings and I had a really good feeling about him and so did My Hubby. He also has 25+ years of experience and had all his accreditations and board certified. I did My homework and he was two of the top that I was going to meet. His nurse and coordinator also added to My decision.

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