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My skin was a mess. Very blotchy from melasma...

My skin was a mess. Very blotchy from melasma after having three kids as well as spots from a couple decades of breakouts. I think the last time I went out without foundation was 10 years ago when I went camping.
I went to a doctor and he prescribed Triluma. The office visit cost me $45 and I found a coupon for the cream and paid $116 for that. Well worth it in my opinion. After two weeks I've noticed incredible results. The doctor did tell me that my melasma was not too bad so maybe that's why I've noticed a difference so soon. In addition to helping my melasma this cream has helped my acne too.
In the evenings I wash my face using a clarisonic and then I put on the Triluma. I use the clarisonic on a more gentle setting in the morning to help get off any dry skin. This cream does make my skin pink and give me dry patches, but the dryness isn't a problem after I moisturize and apply sunscreen in the morning. Sometimes in the late evening some of the flakiness is noticeable, but it looks more like the thin peeling you get after a mild sunburn. A quick wipe with a damp wash cloth and a little moisturizer fixes it.
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