Fraxel Dual for Acne Scarring On Cheeks and Forehead - Virginia Beach, VA

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I have currently had two treatments of Fraxel for...

I have currently had two treatments of Fraxel for my acne scarring on my cheeks and forehead. My first treatment was in September with the Fraxel Erbium laser and my second treatment was a week ago with the Fraxel Thulium laser. I can not explain the differences between the Fraxel Erbium and Fraxel Thulium as I am not a laser specialist; however, I do know that one laser treats your skin more superficially than another. For that reason this combination is known as Fraxel Dual. The procedure itself I would say was painful. They say it feels like ants crawling or at least thats what I was told by the doctor, but the pain is a little more severe than that. They typically provide you with numbing cream prior to the procedure; however, it is still painful.

I would say that my results have been subtle and at first it was slightly frustrating because my expectations were a little to high. I would be lying if I said I hadn't hope this treatment would do its magic after one or two treatments; however, it does not work like that. My acne scarring can probably be described as mild to moderate; however, I most likely may need 2-3 more treatments to continue to diminish some of my scarring. I would say that this treatment is effective as I have noticed an improvement in my skin's texture and a reduction in my scarring. In order to help this procedure be successful, I would advise that individuals stay away from wearing makeup as your skin is healing and to wear sunscreen. After my procedures, I was also advised by my doctor to use Skinceuticals Phloretin CF, which promotes collagen growth. I use it every morning.

For someone who is considering getting this procedure done, I would highly recommend that they do the necessary research to find a professional that is competent and knows what he/she is doing because after all it is an expensive procedure and it does involve a laser! I would also say to be aware of the fact that this procedure may not give you the results you hope for and that you must have realistic expectations!

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