Dog Ears and Pleats After Tummy Tuck

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I had a full tummy tuck on Dec. 15. After weight...

I had a full tummy tuck on Dec. 15. After weight loss, I wanted the lax skin to be excised, and the full tummy tuck hs given me a taut, flat stomach. Had muscles tightened too.

Now I have dog ears and several large, rock-hard pleats (6-7 inches long) on each hip. I've also developed significant puffiness above the incision on one hip, but he says it's not a seroma (had a drain for 8 days). After I remove my compression garment at night, I have been pressing on the pleats (which had started to lengthen into my back--very concerning); that's helped to soften the tissue but it has not made them diminish. My board-certified plastic surgeon seems mystified that they exist and said if they don't go away, "we'll have to figure out something."

Glad I did it, recovery not too bad (slept in a lazy boy--a must! and got off the meds within 5 days). Fantastic caring doc & medical staff, great facility, (though a bit miffed that they had no steristrips on hand the day they removed my tape due to blisters... I put on the strips myself a few days later & have an unevenly bumpy scar). My one concern (beside the pleats & dogears) is that my new belly button looks bizarrely like a mouth with flesh "teeth"; it got infected due to a suture and better now--but had that appearance before the infection. Don't know if it will resolve into a normal looking navel.

I know I'm only 5 weeks out and willing to be patient, but what can be done to fix them? Thanks.
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Very caring & available; he called me at home the night after surgery to make sure I was doing okay.

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