Day 4 PO, Still Hopeful, Very Swollen

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My procedure was Dec 26th, and started around...

My procedure was Dec 26th, and started around 11am, ended by 3:30pm.

Pros so far -
Don't remember anything from the actual procedure!
Doctor and assistants were great, so I wasn't nervous at all.
Pain has been moderate and easy to tolerate with meds.

Cons so far -
Had liposuction of love handles at the same time, so it's really hard to follow the instructions of not applying pressure to backside & not being able to lay on stomach or lay flat. So I'm laying on my side in a pacman shape.

I am a 41yo mother of 3, and have tried to get my stomach back the best I could with exercise and diet (worked pretty hard for at least 9 of the last 11 years). I gave up wheat gluten in 2005, and have been running since 2002. Stats - 5'4", 144 lbs.

Finally losing some pounds. I'm really really...

finally losing some pounds. I'm really really swollen around my stiches and entire abdomen area in general... so not going to post pics just yet. disappointed that the entire area is larger than when I started but I'm trying to stay positive that it will go down. I weighed 145 lbs, going in, and was up to 157 lbs yesterday, so I guess it's overall swelling too. I started drinking pineapple juice early this morning and my weight is already dropping, 151 already.
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