LaserLipo - Not Yet Satisfied with Posterior Flanks

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I am a 46 year old male and I had laser lipo on my...

I am a 46 year old male and I had laser lipo on my lower abs and flanks 24 days ago. Overall I notice a huge improvement in my flanks and abs from the front view, but I'm concerned that my physician did not remove enough from the portion of the flanks that extends to my back. I know she was back there because it's still very sore in that area. Massaging that area with any pressure is still very painful. But, I still have the flanks in the back. I'm very disappointed, but the other areas of treatment look fantastic.

I had the procedure done because I've been very self-conscious of my flanks for 10 years. Overall, I have a very good result. But, I feel she left too much behind in my posterior flanks.

Is it possible she did not remove enough fat from the posterior flanks? Do physicians ever agree to redo a specific area if there is still too much fat left behind? I'm hoping it's just swelling, but I don't know how to determine if it's swelling at this point or fat.

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