SlimLipo on Arms, Lower Abs, and Inner/Outer Thighs

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I will start by saying SlimLipo is not pain-free....

I will start by saying SlimLipo is not pain-free. I have a very high threshold for pain. Overall, I found the procedure to be uncomfortable. I only had to stop the surgeon twice. He was polite and his assistant, Molly, was very nice as well.

I work in healthcare so for me, it was very cool to actually get to watch this procedure being done on me. I got to ask questions during the procedure and it was a good experience, despite the discomfort. A total of 2.5 liters of fat was removed. If you are the slightest bit squeamish, I would recommend general anesthetic. The room looked like 'Scarface' by the time I was done!

I wore old sweats to the procedure which was great because by the time I goty home 45 minutes later my clothes were soaked through with blood and fluid. My husband and I had prepared the car and the bed with plenty of towels, mattress protectors, and even puppy pads to protect everything.

I am now two days post-op. I will see the doctor tomorrow for my first follow up visit. I am feeling better. The majority of the discomfort I am feeling is coming from the outer thigh areas. I have alot of brusing on my arms but little to none elsewhere. My arms are also itchy from the compression garment.

My abs look fantastic!!! Almost flat as a board already. I have lost two inches in that area and one inch on each arm and thigh.

I will post pics as soon as I can. Hope this review helps!

Dr. Gilad Segev

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