39yo, 2 Kids, Belly Pooch

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I've been wrestling with my pooch for a while. I'm...

I've been wrestling with my pooch for a while. I'm 5'3" and f,u that's between 135 and 140. I eat mostly low carb - but have had to change my diet for health reasons. I'm Headed in tomorrow at 9:00 to hopefully rid this pooch once and for all. Will also see about thighs and bra strap area. I plan to post before pictures as well as measurements.

Day 1-3 update

Ok - so it wasn't bad!! When the machine went on - for me - there was no pain. The Nurse turned on the cooling part and it felt like there was an ice pack on the area. After a few minutes it was numb and I felt nothing. I got areas done so it took a total of 1 1/2 hours.

That day I ran around and did shopping. I had no pain at all. My abdomen was numb and input on a compression under garment and that helped with the minor discomfort. Day 2 I was up and at em! No compression needed. The treated area was still numb to the touch and it felt as though I was sore from an ab work out.

Today - day 3 - numbness is still there no real discomfort, areas treated are still numb and a dull soreness that is really deep down and barely noticeable.

I plan on taking measurements in another day just in case there is some swelling. I also plan on posting pics as of 1 full week after the procedure.
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