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Hi Guys, since Realself and all your reviews...

Hi Guys,

since Realself and all your reviews helped me in my decision to get lipo on my abdomen, I want to share my story too and hopefully help someone making the right decision.

First of all, please excuse my English, this is not my native language :)

Ok, so I am 25 years old, 5,5 feet tall and weigh 124 lbs, so I'm not fat at all, but I've had this really weird belly ever since (even as a child or when I weighed a lot less). O the pics you'll see what I mean ;)

After consulting 2 surgeons here and doing tons of internet research, I decided to undergo lipo since I avoid showing myself naked or in a Bikini and it really affects my personal life. The belly comes out as soon as I eat or drink, in the morning it's flat.

The surgeon I chose is cheap, experienced and will use the PAL system. I read that's one of the best solutions, I looked at ton of his before and after pics, and read all reviews I could find. Here, we don't have anythig like a Board Certified Surgeon, so I couldn't take this into consideration.

He said he'd not only remove the fat on the weird bulge, but go up to the ribs as well to achieve a more smooth appearance. That makes me a little worried, but I think I need to trust him here. Also, he only wants to leave only one cm (=0,39 inches) of fat left, and I'm worried that it's gonna look weird. Especially because I am now a little over my normal weight, so I am worried that this 1 cm will get even less when I lose weight again.

But - if nothing really special occurs (e.g. someone tells me DON'T DO IT, because...), I'll just have it done. I'm scheduled for wednesday morning and I feel weird, I'm excited and anxious and worried, but I guess that's normal. I will post pics every day. Please keep your fingers crossed for me :)

Thanks for reading

Today was the day, at 10 am the procedure started....

Today was the day, at 10 am the procedure started. I was super nervous but the staff (not the surgeon!) was extremely nice and I got some kind of tranquilizer that even made me enjoy lying tied to an op table without any "real" reason, haha.

I fell asleep seconds later and woke up about an hour later, already wearing my compression garment. I was worried at first because the nurse told me he only removed 200cc and only worked on the bulge (initially he said it would be about 500 - 700cc and he'd need to work up to the ribs to get an even result). Right before the procedure I insisted he'd remove only as much as absolutely necessary for a naturally looking, even, bulgeless result since I read horror stories about too much fat removed, and after waking up I was worrying that I shouldn't have said so.. but when I look at my side view it's just awesome (pic attached - keep in mind it's swollen, so I suppose it will still get smaller).

My surgeon uses the PAL system btw.

I got home an hour later. Regarding the pain - it's 12 hrs after the procedure now and I have not felt any pain yet. Right after I got home I was super dizzy and felt like someone's been kicking my stomach, an hour later I felt weird tingling stuff and one or two sharp sensations, then slept for an hour and since I feel a little warm and itches from time to time, and I feel how the swelling increases, but really - when I got my tattoos it was much worse.

I'm waiting for all the meds and the tumescent anaesthesia they gave me to subside. I didn't even get any painkillers for at home (got a prescription "in case I need some"). Maybe it's because he didn't remove much that I actually feel really great? I don't know.

The tumescent fluid-blood-cocktail that kept running out of one of my apparently two incisions has also stopped for now. I don't know if it's only the compression garment that pushed my skin (and remaining fat) togehther but I feel my belly button is located a little higher that it used to be. Tomorrow I may take the garment off to wash it and I can’t wait to see what’s underneath. I'm worried he didn't take out enough fat.... uh and now comes the stingy pain again.

Worst thing is that I am bored. What am I gonna do all day.. lying around... arrrgh.
I must admit I went to the grocery store even though they said I shouldn’t take a walk outside until Friday. I just really felt like doing it, and I was hungry ;) The swelling impaired my movements, I walked like in slowmo and my knees and back hurt, but other than that, it felt and feels great. As for now, I’m mostly happy. I'll put new pics up every day.

Day 2 was swelling day - now it's day 3, and I...

day 2 was swelling day - now it's day 3, and I must admit I didn't dare to take a shower yet. Taking the garment of is such a weird feelig I'd rather go without it. The pain has mostly subsided, I've not had drainage again, and I hav no bruises. It looks a bit wavy though, making me wonder whether he shouldn't probably have fat removed from above the pouch too. But I'm only 3 days out, and I'll just wait and see :)

Today my belly looks like it did before, if not...

today my belly looks like it did before, if not worse. I have a sore blueish spot right above the navel and the skin feels overall weird, really soft and silky and hard on some spots. didn't take a shower still.. I'm gross, I know.

Day 6 PO - I finally took a shower and washed the...

day 6 PO - I finally took a shower and washed the garment and now I'm waiting for it to dry - no good feeling without it on. yesterday I had to walk for quite a bit (uphill) and it was no problem at all. see my pics - minor bruising appeared, and its still swollen, but overall it feels good.

Ok for some reason my last photos are upside down....

ok for some reason my last photos are upside down.. haha. whatever, I'm sure your power of imagination can handle this ;)

ropes! hardness! yeah!

ok, so after i looked way worse that before because of the swelling, it started to go down exactly after 14 days. i'm today 3 wks out and it's still swollen and HARD. so hard. and on one side, there's two "ropes" under the skin runnind from one incision straight across the belly, looks like a souvenir the cannula left behind. It doesn't exactly look awesome, but it's not too bad either. Someone saw me after showering without the garment on and even touched my belly, and said nothing (maybe he was just polite... hahaha.)

I am not getting any massag or drainage since i don't want to spend any more money on that. But if I still look and feel that weird after 4 weeks, I'll probably reconsider.

I'd post pics, but I'm so lazy :)
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