Sucked the Life out of my Skin - Victoria, BC

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I bought a series of 8 Venus Freeze treatments for...

I bought a series of 8 Venus Freeze treatments for my face and neck and upper arms. After each treatment, the areas treated looked tighter and firmer. My face, in particular, looked younger, healthier and tighter than it had for years (I was 61 at the time). I had a touch-up treatment 4 months after my set of treatments ended, and I noticed that it didn't do anything to halt the sagging I had noticed about a month earlier (so 3 months after my first 8 treatments ended). My neck and upper arms showed worse sagging than they had before my treatments. It took me a while to figure it out, but I realize now that the Venus Freeze treatments took all the fat from my neck and upper arms, leaving saggy skin. I don't have a lot of extra fat to lose (5'6", 127 lbs), so having what in effect was liposuction turned out to be a very bad decision. I would say both my neck and my upper arms aged 5 years as a result of the treatment. I didn't see as much difference on my face, although I feel that I need fillers now, which I didn't really need before. So if you are thin, beware! Venus Freeze will suck the life out of your flesh and leave sagging skin behind.
British Columbia Dermatologist

Dr. Hancock's assistant, Heather

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